New WoW Classic Realms Opening Monday, 26 August


Sincerely. Thank you, Blizzard!


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Thank you! A saw a survey that said just over 50% of the people that’s going to play Classic on release don’t even have an active subscription right now. I think we’ll see a massive wave of new players coming back. It’ll be interesting to see if this will be a revival of WoW.

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You still got your name if you subbed earlier didnt you?

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Smart people: playing on a low-pop server for the launch to avoid queue. Transfer characters once 60’ on a full server.

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What if we go and play a new server but our friends go to another?

Will we soon have an option to migrate to their server?


Speak to your friends beforehand maybe?

I can’t see transfers coming any time soon, probably 2020 …


You guys have really messed this server release up.

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the “sheetshow” countinues.


Finally, some AWESOME server names for once! Did you get tired of MC bosses too?


Mograine! Mograine! Mograine!


Thanks a ton, Blizzard.

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Thank you for telling me what server to avoid. I don’t ever want to play with you.


they should rename razorgore to Egg Boss and see what happens with the population.


Not entirely wrong.
They still need/want people to move from other servers. Said people will fight for names with all the people that didn’t waste money subbing 13 days before.
If they didn’t want people to move, sure, makes sense to have some servers where people got equal chances for names and not have a lotof/all servers where all the good stuff is long gone…but now…not so much.

Not to mention you get no chance to carefully make characters because it’s gonna be 5h of people refresh spam create on their name in case someone deletes their lvl 1 to change appearance.


What the hell, i have a hard time believing all of the servers are maxed out. Keep in mind, Nostalrius could stably hold 20,000 players at a time. What is the player cap on these new servers? Adding too many servers will only cause ghost-servers down the line. Think long term, people.

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Bloody hell, you finally wisened up.


You really believe retail classic servers are going to be played by only 20’000 players?


Pretty much this. Probably we will need even more by the end of phase 1.