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Hello everyone. Basically, I’m gonna go straight to the point. I can’t afford to pay another month due to me not being able to work until I recover from an accident I had. Since I can barely move from bed, I can play WoW for a long time this month. My friend gifted me the game and a month, so I guess I need gold now to buy the token. I started 3 days ago, I’m already 120, and now I’m just thinking of how to get that much gold. Could you please help me out with some tips or adding me so we can play in game together? Thank you very much in advance.

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Google TSM ( short for Trade Skill Master ) and watch guides on it.

Flip the AH like there is no tomorrow.

You should get a couple of millions in a month or so.

If you’re crazy enough have multiple toons on multiple high pop servers and flip AH on them.


Could you please help me out with the flipping thing a bit? Thanks in advance! I’m willing to do whatever it’s needed.

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Tl:dr find undercutters that undercut with a good enough margin, buy their products, sell them for a better price.

Example :-

Item A sells for 100g on average.

Someone undercut and sold it for 90 gold.

You buy it and relist it at 100g, after cuts and whatnot you get a 5 gold benefit, so your total gold amount has increased by 5.

Do this on a massively scale, and the money adds up.

Start small and go bigger and bigger.

The addon is there to help as it helps decide average sale prices, which are the best items to flip, etc.

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Alternatively go to the Najzatar and mine/herb and sell them on the AH.


What Lepanto said!

As you do not have gold to pay for another month, “flipping” the AH is not something I personally would advise you.
I have played this game for a decade now and use the AH on a daily basis so I am very aware of “bargains”. The so called “flipping” is very time consuming and risky especially when you are new to this game.

Herbing and Mining is the way to go for you. Either Najzatar or farm the ores/herbs used to make mounts, Vial of the Sands mount for example needs Cataclysm herbs and ore, volatiles (water, fire and air) also from that expansion. If you have as much time as you said you should be able to get a ton of those items and then sell those on AH.

A very good auction house addon is “Auctionator” which makes it easy and fast to list items and of course to get a feeling of how the prices are and where they might go.


Thank you everyone for replying and helping me out! I started getting some herbs on Najzatar, it seems I find them in a very slow rate, but the money is good. If someone wants to play, I’d love to have a good time in game with you all! :slight_smile:


If you have enough time to farm gold rather than play the AH :

  • Nazjatar herbs and sell them on the AH u less you have the alchemy rank 3 recipes and the tool of the trade

  • if you need the transmog, run mop LFR and maybe cata raids every week for >600g per raid. It’s still a few thousand gold every week and with enough characters it can lead to a token every month


How do I do the alchemy thing? That’s my first profession, but I haven’t used it yet.

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However if you spend all your time gaining gold to allow you to play, is it really worth it.


I am gonna do that this month, I just need help.


Leveling alchemy to 150 will cost maybe 30k gold on a high pop server, most of which will be wasted on potions than will never sell.

Once you get to Nazjatar it’ll be similar with 25 potions crafted at low ranks (higher materials cost per potion) with the new herb (~50g /u on my server, cost me 20k just to level alchemy to 175)

Once you do the tool of the trade questline (require 150/175 in alchemy to start it) you’ll be able to use it and earn one of 3 buffs, one of which increases the amount of potions you get from crafting potions / flasks. This buff is maybe the only way to still profit from alchemy without finding cheap materials one way or another.

Unless you have it and 175/175 alchemy rank 3 recipes it’s usualy better to just sell the herbs themselves. Take this with a bit of salt as every server economy is different and it may not apply to your own.

Anyway, the Nazjatar herb usualy sell for nearly 50g on my server and you need to earn nearly 8k gold every day to get your monthly token.

It means nearly 160 herbs every day or finding other ways to earn gold, like the 2000g emissaries and 200+ gold WQ for example or the MoP/cata/WoD raids in 25 players mode. (You get nearly 7 drops per boss, each worth anywhere between 15g and 70g each, ~7 boss per raid => sell every bind item to the vendor)

Edit : another way to earn some gold is the daily anchor transmutation (24h CD), which gives you 10 anchor weed against 5 of each other 8.0 herb. On my server it’s almost a daily 1.8k gold profit from that transmutation alone.


if I was in your place I would stick with Herbing and Mining until you have established a little gold nest egg and have been able to buy another game time token.

Once that is achieved you could drop mining for alchemy and get started on that while able to herb all the materials you need to level alchemy. There are some very good profession level/information websites out there, even wowhead has those so you have it easier to level up.

You do not have to level up alchemy for all expansions, you can focus on BFA alchemy.

Good luck :slight_smile:

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There are ways of course. Like the suggestions say about auction house flipping or boosting people or selling this and that.

But these usually require some basic or advanced knowledge of how that system works which is not an easy thing for a newbie.

So my suggestion, is to grind rep with azeroth factions for the paragon case which gives you around 4000 gold, do the 2000 gold emissary daily quests, and as your main source of income, gather herbs and ore from nazjatar. get mining and herbalism profession and have at it. Then sell what you get in auction house.

But i do have to say, that for me personally, I sell stuff casually. I have max jewelcrafting and max mining. So i gather ore from nazjatar and then prospect them. Then make gems and sell them. there are 2 prospected gems that are really worth all the fuss named azsharine and sage agate. They’re lower drop rate, but not crazy low. So i get a decent amount of gold any time i plan on doing this type of farming. It might work for you too. But still, the safest way is herb and mining.

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