Newbie outlaw rogue question

Hey guys, i’ve just started leveling a rogue, i’m at 60, and i have an issue. Anytime i do dungeon, i’m behind ppl with similar gear in DPS. Even the tanks outdps me :smiley: Is it a problem of me? or just low lvl rogue dosen’t have the abilities yet. I keep my RTB up, eviscrate at 4 or 5 points (depends if i have pistol proc), use the icyvein talent suggestions, i dunno what i’m doing wrong. Please help, it keeps me demotivated to even lvl her. I need some pep talk :smiley:

rogue doesn’t get the slightest aoe till blade flurry and generally does low damage till getting to proper end game due to being so dependent on having a full build.

You can roll assa for dots…but dot pressure in low level content doesn’t mean bugger all sadly.

Tank damage in the earlier levels is pretty crazy honestly since they often get several AoE abilities where as many DPS’ers don’t get them until much later.
I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

I think at level 63 you get Blade Flurry. That will increase your damage output in AoE situations a lot.

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