Newbie outlaw rogue question


Hey guys, i’ve just started leveling a rogue, i’m at 60, and i have an issue. Anytime i do dungeon, i’m behind ppl with similar gear in DPS. Even the tanks outdps me :smiley: Is it a problem of me? or just low lvl rogue dosen’t have the abilities yet. I keep my RTB up, eviscrate at 4 or 5 points (depends if i have pistol proc), use the icyvein talent suggestions, i dunno what i’m doing wrong. Please help, it keeps me demotivated to even lvl her. I need some pep talk :smiley:

(Vulrin) #2

rogue doesn’t get the slightest aoe till blade flurry and generally does low damage till getting to proper end game due to being so dependent on having a full build.

You can roll assa for dots…but dot pressure in low level content doesn’t mean bugger all sadly.

(Valkiá) #3

Tank damage in the earlier levels is pretty crazy honestly since they often get several AoE abilities where as many DPS’ers don’t get them until much later.
I wouldn’t worry too much about it.


I think at level 63 you get Blade Flurry. That will increase your damage output in AoE situations a lot.