Niar - ULTIMATE PAIN video - Rank14 Classic / Vanilla Rogue video - AND TWITCH! :)

Guys… CLASSIC is launching SO DAMN SOON!.. do you know who loves oldschool WoW? NIAR does :heartbeat: :heart_eyes:

New video Niar - ULTIMATE PAIN - Rank14 Classic / Vanilla Rogue video is now OUT at Warcraftmovies!


What other news…?!
I will be streaming CLASSIC! Finally you get the chance to jump into the seat with Niar, watching ganking live real time! :heartbeat: (this was not possible back in the legendary times).


Thanks for support guys! :heartbeat:

Yeah, my post :stuck_out_tongue:

Why did you bench your rogue? Are you even playing wow now?

I watched all your vids Haha

wow turned worse for every expansion pretty much in my eyes, classic was good :slight_smile: , yes I am streaming in 5 hours when classic opens :slight_smile:

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