Night Fae, Night Fae, Night Fae, Night Fae

I am not a fan of Shadowlands and been levelling toons, my warlock just hit SL and I tried to Google the best covenant for him, once again the Night Fae wins. That´s the 4th in a row.

First my Hunter which went Night Fae without research, I liked the theme and fell in love with the AOE after that. My mage went Kyrian to try something although Wowhead says I should have gone Night Fae. My Demon Hunter should have gone Night Fae too and I stopped playing him, now my Warlock has his best option at the Faeries once again.

Did Blizzard do any simulations at all or are these sites wrong about the difference in DPS?

I guess I better level another toon. :slight_smile:


There’s always going to be a ‘best’ one. Players just need to accept this and forego the small difference over all.


Why go with what’s the best? Do what you want and don’t submit to sheepish posts. You play the game like you want too.


I know there is always going to be “best one”, was kind of expecting the different covenants to appeal to different classes and “be best” with variety, for the Fae to have such a dominant position is however a bit concerning.


do the best for your main. Pick whatever you want for the rest.

My warrior is currently the member of necrolords. And in terms of warrior abilities, necrolord’s ability is as garbage as it gets.

But i don’t care. It’s an alt. I want the mounts and mogs. It’s not like i’m going to gear up 4 characters for this expansion anyways.

Haha true, every single character I got to 50+ level had to go Kyrian or Night fae…

Like does anyone even go Revendreth?


Yeah, i did on my pala. I like the theme and love the ability.

Yeah I went on my mage as well, I know it’s not BIS, but “BiS” covenants are usually Kyrian and Night Fae at least what I have seen…

For alts you should just go with whatever you like. My alts are mostly for just gold farming, gathering, mogs and mounts. So I’m just picking covenants that fits them the best when it comes to looks.

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For a million time
Sure, the best is… well, the best. Thats true. But if you don’t enjoy and you feel forced to play something?
This is a game, not a job. Not a chore. You play to have fun, relax! Not to stress yourself, damn, this is not the best! A few % simply not matter.
I liked Venthry, picked Venthry for my Hunter… literally the worst covenant for a hunter, but I don’t care! Have a tons of fun and love Revendreth, the story, the Ember Court… everything!
Depends of your goals, really
Do you want run Myth Raids and M+++? Not sure you need the best covenant for that, but maybe… I don’t know. Perhaps?
But if you are not a hardcore pvper/M±er and so on, its not that important what is your Covenant

Hunter - night fae
warrior - venthyr / kyrian
wl - night fae
druid - night fae / kyrian
dh - night fae / kyrian
priest - venthyr
dk - necro / night fae
pala - venthyr / kyrian
mage - night fae
monk - night fae / kyrian
rogue - kyrian
Shaman - venthyr / necro

in a nutshell of course for pve mainly

necro is by far the worst i think the only once who go there are dks (for pvp mainly) and resto druids / shamans (ele/resto)

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I play the covenant that suits my character best in a roleplay kind of way.

I would hate to take away from the enjoyment of a game to just add 0.5% DPS to my skada.


To be honest the ability still matters, I am not a fan of having absolutely terrible ability, like necro/night fae for prot pala, it does not even feel good using that.

Maybe just use another covenant for aesthetics?

Personally, for my main character and my alts, I pick what I think suits them.

For my DK, it was either Maldraxxus or Venthyr, there were numerous websites telling “Go Kyrian!” others “Go Night Fae!” and I’m just like:

  • Venthyr go Bloodborne! The Blood Laurance… Fear the Old Blood…!

My next character will go Maldraxxus, because I do like the armor set they have!

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If you level up those alts just to do some very casual content such as completing the campaign etc then don’t simply pick the highest simming covenant, that’s it.

Night Fae is by far most popular even among casuals because of its signature ability - a powerful movement speed cooldown that helps getting around old raids very quickly. 50% movespeed for 12 seconds + three casts of 30 yard blink, you can’t say no to that.

High movement speed is what i always want on alts that are farming mounts and transmogs etc. Farming stuff on Rogue with Burst of Speed was such a smooth experience, whereas doing the same on Paladin or DK was a giant chore.

lucky you, imagine if that would be some boring covenant like kyrians or ugly zone like necro :slight_smile:

Maldraxxus is amazing, what are you on?

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sorry i dont speak bad taste

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Night Fae is great for mythic+ as a Resto Druid though.

Generally Night Fae is the most OP Covenant, they even had a broken mission table for a while.