Night Lords , Late Night Raiding Guild PVE Pyrewood Village Aliance

The goal for Night Lords , is to provide a home for players who can’t commit to day raiding hours. We will try and Progress through all raids , Naxxramas include. Also we will organize dungons , Groups activities , pvp , split/alt runs.
We will provide a cosy environment to make long lasting friends and memories .
Main raid nights will be Tuesdays , Wednesday, Thursdays 22:45-01:30 ST. Saturday will be optional during progress
No politics or controversies allowed
We will run a loot council system, none will be favorised.

Tanks - full , 1 OT still available
DPS Warrior - Open.
Paladins - Open
Hunters - Open
Rogues - Open
Druid - Open t
Priest - Open
Mage - Open
Warlock - Open.
Exceptional candidates will be considered regardless of the availability. Those who want to join as socials are also welcome on top of the needed classes
Class leader and officer positions will be granted to the most dedicated players.
Reply to this post or add fefeleaga#2374 to btag, also discord:e8Y8Dkq.
Since there is such a high demand for night raiding I will make an additional raiding team . This will raid on Saturday 23 ST

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Count me in :slight_smile:

Many thanks for showing interest. What do you plan to play?

Going dwarf hunter😏

Hey guys welcome to Pyrewood, if you haven’t joined yet visit the community discord -

Hello, we’re already on that discord channel. many thanks for the notification

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Hey All - Count me in I’ll be dwarf holy - Ellinor.

count me in

You’re both gonna be a good addition, getting close to filling the roster . What are you gonna play Parish?

Hi, will be playing a warlock just like back in the day. Still room for one?

This was my main, char will be called choppers

Sure, make sure to hop on our discord and be there during launch night

I will be playing a dwarf priest by the name of Finneran and would love to raid with you

Many Thanks, with you we filled the priests rosters, need to modify the script

type : e8Y8Dkq

i will be playing resto druid

Hi, Are you still looking for new members and which classes specifically?

I’m considering to main any of this in the order of preference:
Druid (Resto)
Paladin (Holy)

Hi. Paladin holy is what we mostly need

Count me in then Holy Pala main.

Will login on guild discord later in the evening.

That’s awesome, Many Thanks.