Night Warrior Eyes for Night Elfs are gone from the Barber Shop

This is not entirely transmog, but I couldn’t find a better category to ask about a player customizations.
I have checked with a fellow Night Elf that it’s not just my issue. I have Night Warrior Eyes active atm, but if I try to change my skin tone they disappear.
Have I missed any news about Blizz removing/moving them to some other place?

It’s clearly a bug. You should also report it ingame.

Night Warrior eyes are tied to just one skin tone.
"The “Night Warrior” customization options for characters include a special skin tone and eyes that glow with the dark power of the moon instead of the traditional white glow. "

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Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It’s not a bug then. You are stuck with one skin color if you want black eyes.

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