Nightstalker talent

Does it work with shadow dance? :stuck_out_tongue:

It does…

It does, its better than using the 30% damage increase in PVP cause its a free damage increase, subterfuge is still usable at-least for 3’s.

You use shadow focus? (or we/ the 3rd talent is on that row generally for PVE as sub rogue)

I don’t use subterfuge but I can tell you that nightstalker is by far the best talent in mythic+ as long as you know how to pool you energy (don’t hit shadow dance until you get ~80+ energy).

1.because the damage increase from your opening burst is much higher,
2. but more importantly your AoE basically does 12% more damage, and normally you should be energy starved in AoE packs.
3. A lot of mechanics that requires you to stop DPSing means you will be regenerating energy, which is a bonus if you run nightstalker. Shadow focus may sim better on patchwerk and target dummies because those sims do not include stuns or other mechanics where you stop dpsing.
4. For raiding: I also use Nightstalker on the first 8 bosses in HC Nathria, I know it is better for sludgefist due to the extra burst on pillar, but I am not sure about the rest. For stonelegion and Sire I am using shadow focus. Generally I think nightstalker is better on bosses with a lot of downtime such as Council and Hungering.

The above first 3 points are especially true if you are using Mark of the Master assassin. 4 doesn’t apply since you are most likely using Finality.

Last tip: If you use MA, get the ring and put versatility and mastery on it. This is optimal for both PvP and mythic+, because the benefit from the mastery is better than the crit that you would otherwise choose when outside of your 4 second 100% crit.

Yes but in PvP situations it gives %8 dmg buff not %12. You still get %20 movespeed.

Simming my character shadow focus is about 400dps ahead of nightstalker in a M+ dungeon slice. I don’t think nightstalker will be better unless you’re doing massive MDI pulls, there’s too much single target and cleave in a M+ for nightstalker to be viable yet.

Guys the 30% one does not actually grant 30 % read the tool tip then shadow dance again, deeper shadows increases the damage bonus to shadow dance from 15% to 30% . A lot of people misunderstand this , nightstalker however gives the full 12% bonus because it’s based on stealth stance and I’ve tested it also applies to the damage you deal with sepsis proc for a stealth ability

In pvp nightstalker as mentioned has its damage nerf to 8% However

on any pack you use shuriken storm + black powder nightstalker is better than shadow focus. Try it yourself. Also, M+ dungeon slice sim is still in BETA and not very reliable. I’d say on a tyrannical week like this shadow focus might be better… but it’s also up to debate. I got 1330 RIO and I never used shadow focus in M+. However, my character has quite a lot of haste. This is unintentional, but it means that my energy regen in shadowdance is high enough so that I dont need to pick shadow focus.

Shadow focus is only a preferred choice if you don’t have enough Haste. I’m not saying you should stack haste all of a sudden, but if you have a decent amount i’d say try nightstalker.

Hey again,

I just simmed my character using dungeon slice. According to the sim I would lose -148 dps if I used shadow focus. I think the difference between our sims are due to our stat difference and leggo. I use MA for m+, unless it’s a garbage week like spiteful. It also means that I try to stack much more mastery than crit when I use MA. I’ve tried Finality aswell, but if I play with a tank that gives me that 0.5 second to restealth inbetween packs MA is working alot better. Vanish basically becomes a massive burst CD.

I don’t know in what gear you simmed your character in, but with your 3% haste versus my 13% haste that I have in this current gear, it is also plausible shadow focus becomes even more important for you.

Anyway, I’d say give nightstalker a try. Just make sure you pool your energy before you use shadow dance if you use nightstalker. If you forget waiting for energy with shadow focus its quite forgiving, but the opposite is true for nightstalker.

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