No bow for horde?

I recently completed the horde sinister gladiator mail set and I love it. However horde doesn’t get a bow weapon from PvP this season and I have trouble finding a good match. Any suggestions?

(Check my character to see the set if you don’t know which set it is)

I found one which may fit it :slight_smile:

Hope it helps! Good luck!

That one fits perfectly.
I think its a pretty awsome bow to.
U could also try a worgen hunter theme with it.
(A theme that u actualy hunt worgen XD)


Zod’s longbow (purple version) perhaps? From ICC. It fits the colors okay and also has some kind of skull on it :slight_smile:

The “Incised Bow” would look great with that set, in my opinion!

Here’s a simulation :slight_smile:

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