No gonna talk about Frost mage?

That 1 shot sh*tshow.

You oneshotted us 10 years and now you see…. It was not your skill

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The oneshot from frostmage was nerfed a while ago, and going full mastery is a meme anyways since you won’t be able to even do proper polys without haste

Emmm dont think so, yesterday was watching some MitchJones or what his name, and he was one shotting people in 2v2 pretty comfortably, sometimes even team wiping…

Yes please watch more of that clown 1.5k NA bracket

I mean majority of player base is in that bracket, you might not like the guy, it does not change the fact that one shots are possible.

mitch been snowdrifting for some content

was watching him show it to maldiva in ss first, maldiva was into wanting to try it with destro

dont rly care if its good or bad tho i just like see caster pvp

looks fun and thats what counts its a video game :slight_smile:

If anyone can find some fun with Mage in the current PvP meta, they deserve a medal. Have you checked arena representation lately?

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You mean 10globalshot ?

im sure frost mage will be talked about when the 10 specs in front of it arent in the spotlight

I havent but I had a feeling messing about with the shuffle design back in sl with different dps that something like lock from all the casters would be the most viable there, propably sp too but lock can command pet to stun while rogue comes kidney you and use bubble so I like it

I just suspect other people in soloq to do nothing to help me so I just try be as self sufficient as possible

Also u can setup cross cc on ur own casting fear on heal and command pet stun kill target same time

its too hard to use cc like poly when people are going to cleave on everything or likely randomly to hit on it, when fear wont suffer of it so much and can be used to peel spamming it on target going on the 0/6 guy on ur team

So I calculated lock to be the most efficient overal from casters into this soloq when its cc is stun and fear which are not disrupted as much by other peoples dmg

I would play any caster viable tho for dps except boomkin never had a fancy for those but mage,lock,sp are imo interesting classes

For df it seems the casters is likely to be purple man

sorry for the long analysis hu hu

Frost mage is what you’re worried about right now? Really? Well I have to say I had to check your arena xp for someone making this post, and it didn’t disappoint :slight_smile:

Yeah yeah…Not able to make an argument, so let’s attack the player.

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What 1 shot does frost mage possess?

Glacial Spike requires several things before being enabled, and it is a long cast. Even when casted, I never saw it 100-00 someone.

Those icelances hitting harder than Chaos bolt (on average) looks kinda fun, how is frost doing overall? Would you recommend it? Purely from fun point of view.

havent tried yet as went healer route for df

only while back switched it to lock, might give mage a try later on but enjoying lock alot

frost looks fun and has good set too anyway, but idk like i said dont know how much fun it will be when ur every poly and ring gets hit on by something random :man_shrugging:

Seen a mage do it two times today in shuffle.

Frost is pretty fun now, and a lot more engaging than when it was in that SL frostbolt meta. It has lots of kill angles. Tricky, and requires good positioning to set kills up when being zugzugged, but can really pump with lances now. Definitely a solid A tier for 3s. Good in solo shuffle but hard


Comparing to other classes mage is the least “broken”. Ele is still 2 shotting people but hey, let’s nerf frost mage. That will teach them.

Attack is a bit strong, I checked your xp and it was what I expected for someone who picks frost mage as an issue with the game right now despite all evidence pointing otherwise. Want arguments? Ok, check frost mage representation above 2.4 in any brackets. Check AWC, see any frosts there? Neither did I. Inb4 “Oh but that doesn’t matter because most people don’t play at 2.4+ or in AWC” and the whole we should balance the game around the opinions of 1500 max xp players