No hope for me in this game

after spending around 5 hours today in the lfg tool playing with people I did not go up a single point of rating.
from those 5 hours I would say 3 hours were spent actually looking for those people.
just wanted to share my pvp experience with everyone, I am so glad the new path of exile league starts next week so I can be finally rid of this game.


my bad, I posted on the wrong character. I was talking about my DH

Well it sounds more like the issue is the community and not the game.
I’d offer you to play together a bit. I got a rdruid/feral (1,9k cr), rshaman (1,6k or something), mw monk (~1,7k). Rating doesn’t matter to me. We can also tank down a bit to play on a mmr that fits you more if you are learning.


Wait what …you actually don’t enjoy spending half of your game time sitting in menus?

That’s weird…

Isn’t this what everyone has been asking for? It’s called community building and being social according to some.

Who cares about actually playing the game when you can sit in a menu instead?


I Always wonder how exactly you guys spend your time in lfg. My latest lfg experience was me as 205 char getting insta invite, the guy i played with was like 2,2k peak or something (and he actually played really well), he was nice, didnt leave after lose. Srsly i dont think its lfg issue.
Had troubles with finding ppl in lfg once and it was at like 3-4 am.


Were you teaming up with a decent comp?

I know when I’m on my mage and team with a rogue, it’s happy days.

What are good dh comps?

The OP is a 200 ilvl DH who says hes struggling to get steady partners via LFG. He has a hard time climbing partially due to that.

Your counterarguement is he just needs a decent comp and point at your 216 ilvl mage that is at the exact same rating as his 200 ilvl dh.

Happy days right?

It’s not a ‘counter argument’, I’m making a helpful suggestion.

Who hurt you? You are toxic af

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Why is it happy days tho?

You seem to struggle more than he is :smiley:

On top of that his complaint is directed at the LFG system in general. Where ppl are forced to spend a big portion of their game time LF ppl instead of playing.

Some really nasty people on these forums.

Your “help” isnt really helping.

He is playing a DH most likely with a healer. All healer DH comps are viable.

He isnt enjoying his time due to all the time he has to spend in the LFG system. Which is a big part of his problem.

You saying something like “just play something viable like i am” isnt helping his case in any shape or form.

You are 207 ilvl,with rings being at 197.

That’s copletely your fault,because you didn’t keep up with other people.

What did you expect few months into expansions,where most people are at 220-226 ilvl?

Oh no, you didn’t go up in rating after 2 hours of play with new people…?

His gear level is irrelvant.

The LFG struggles persist at any gear level.

Why would i stick around and play this game if it means im forced:

  • To sit in LFG for half of the time i want to pvp?
  • To schedule arena/RBG sessions instead of playing whenever i feel like it?
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I played with healers only. Priests, druids, hpals and resto shamans.

To the people arguing about my gear. I would consider that having 207ilvl in the 1.4k-16k bracket is quite good, is it not? I have beaten 42k players and I’ve lost to 30k players. I sometimes 1 shot someone, other times I get 1 shot myself. To argue over this is pointless.

The subject of this thread was the amount of time I spent in LFG which yielded 0 results. And on top of that, the amount spent actually searching for an arena partner was greater than the amount of game actually played.

That’s all.


Did you find anyone to play with?

Sounds about right, alot of the people who play the PvP in WoW aren’t actively getting groups and deeming “solo queue” to be the fix cause people don’t wanna play with a random at the risk of losing their precious rating and a large portion of players carry this attitude to the point, it feels like you can be spending hours in LFG having one and done matches with people who bail after first game cause it was likely a loss or a big struggle + you likely queued into a elite geared booster carrying at 1.4/1.6 who can basically solo your dps as a healer due to ilvl diff.

Done my fair share of pugging in 3’s and 2’s around those brackets and there are people there, whether you apply yourself or make your own group…but its so touch and go that it becomes painfully unbearable when people just bail.

Thank you for the offer. My target has been the same since BFA, get 1.8k.
I did find a shaman to play with and we actually did end up getting quite close to 1.6k but… things happened. I am not going to blame my opponents classes or my healer. Truth is I made mistakes, 2’s is not balanced and my class is not the best right now.

Regardless, even though we did play together when we decided to stop he didn’t offer to exchange bnet tags and I didn’t say anything about it because I’m not the type of person to “bother” people.

Will try again my luck today seeing as how I’m closer to 1.6k. After that who knows, a lucky 226 weapon from vault and after upgrading my gear to 213 I’ll make a run for 1.8k.

Nope. I played with a ton of randoms. RBGs with ppl who have never been above 1300 in arena etc. Players you would insta decline if they applied for any of your teams. Had good and bad series of games.

In the end, it doesn’t really matter since 99% of this community plays just for caps or weekly wins. No matter how good or bad you do. The majority won’t play more than needed.

And if you you want to play at random moments like 10 in the morning, you wont be able to play regardless. Since your teammates won’t be on and no one suitable will be in LFG.

This entire system creates a bunch of inactive semi afk players that just wait for their weekly cookie. And when they are done gearing they go inactive all together.

To change this we need well structured properly incentivized soloq.

Honestly bud, the only fix to this (actually, no Kapp) community problem is making your own groups. Started doing that and got plenty of people I can play now.