No news whatsoever?

Or is it :wink: lol

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wooosh. Someone didn’t get the joke

knowyourgoat on the x thingy for the details, manual cleanup no eta, 30 mins no update

Elon muZk shut down blizz servers so all will have to log into his shatwitter and boost his Usage numbers because they fell down so hard past months just to check WoW server info.

Seems a silly thing to get offended by, but ok. You need a hug bro?

Any update after that tweet?

US servers seem to be up again so maybe we’re lucky


As US is obviously more important than EU, your servers are up already (and went down long after the EU ones). Happy gaming

Why are you assuming i am playing US?
I play eu xD

Can get into the realm lists btw, so might be up in a min

Right, I obviously overstepped by making a topic on why there was no communication. Keep your hate to yourself though

hate? what?

i’m not spewing hate my friend, i just said “just” eu
since you where pointing that out.
probaly because you’re assuming blizzard discriminates regions
You are the one spewing hate not me =)

Servers seem to be back up.

Stop assuming others are as lazy as you. I checked the realm status pages and only EU servers were down at the time I wrote it. It’s not me assuming bad stuff about others, and it’s not me spewing hate, just me reacting to your nonsense

Well servers should be up soon so you can go back to spewing that kind of nonsense toxicity in m+

Is there a 3rd person talking in your head?
Idk why you are tripping so hard.
and as of the time u posted your things US was already down
wth is going on here

And now again you are assuming i am lazy. AND you are assuming that i think you are lazy.
Brother for the sake of your mental health stop assuming things

You can join the rest of the haters in your miserable lives. I’m getting hate for NO REASON AT ALL. So y’all can take a hike

dude, no one here said a single thing wrong and then out of literal nowhere you started calling people names and now play the victim when called out on your BS? lmao. xD

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