No Stable Big Enough ?

(Heymom) #1

My achievement have been showing 348/350 for some time… So today when i got ruhkmar and the frightened kodo, i thought for sure that i would finally get this done.
Sadly, i did’nt. it still shows as 348!
I now have a total of 401 mounts in my “stable” according to the mount collection tab.

anyone that can enlighten me as to why i cant seem to complete this achievement?


If you have a lock or paladin alt above 60 log them should click over.

(Punyelf) #3

Try to long on all your characters. Some have more mounts available to them than others.

For me it’s always Punyelf that can use the most mounts, with all the paladin specific mounts and the profession one it simply has access to the most.


Hey… Heymom,

Punyelf is spot on; some mounts only count on characters which can ride them, such as class or profession mounts.

Perhaps this article can provide some additional info :slight_smile:


The best way to check how many unique mounts you actually have is to open your Achievements tab -> Statistics -> Characters -> Gear and “Most mounts own”… It’s ish there.

(Jikko) #6

I had the same issue, abeit with the 300 mount achieve.
As stated above, (re)logging all your toons works, it did for me

(Heymom) #7

I play 13 toons, and do farm runs each week/day. So i doubt that its because i havent logged into a character.
“Heymom”, is my main since TBC… so if he cant use it… i aint sure what can :smiley:

ps: i do have a paladin aswell, which is only missing the legion class hall mount afaik.

It shows 348 as the achievement.
Think its strange that if its all “ok”. That i have 53! mounts that my main cant use.

update: just as i was about to post this, i thought… hmm lets try logging in that paladin! and vola! 351 mounts “kek”.
Posting anyway, if anyone else should need the information/help.

Nothing to see, move along. :slight_smile:

(Jaremiel) #8

Probably mounts of the other faction? I think they also fall into this pattern :slight_smile:

(Teknetia) #9

Exactly, mounts from other factions or for other classes. Also profession mounts will fall into this category e.g. engineering mounts.

There’s quite a few reasons for this.

(Punyelf) #10

I’m glad you managed to solve the problem and it made me smile that for you it was also a paladin that can mount the most :slight_smile: :laughing:


Its some the Paladin mounts only mounts, have same “problem” that i have to login my pala. maybe the icecrown daily ones.

And all proffession ones count for every char even if not usable, also the ones from pvp saddle which was changed and all legion class mounts also count for all mounts.

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