No updated PvP vendor?

Hit 85, and found that the PvP vendor in Ogrimmar (Sergeant Thunderhorn) is only selling the ilvl 200 PvP gear from WotLK, and no up to date Cataclysm honor gear. Have I missed something and he’s been moved, or did Blizz say anything about no PvP gear till a certain time?


I don´t think the season is out yet.

Shouldn’t need the season to be started for honor gear surely? But if that’s the case, guess I’ll just have to wait :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks

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It is dependent on season, so you wont see them until season starts which will be May 28th.

quote from bluepost

Please note: Valor will not be earnable between the launch of Cataclysm and the first weekly reset in each region. Conquest will become available starting with the second weekly reset on May 28, with the launch of the first Cataclysm PvP season.

Going by this, it means the vendors won’t be added in until next Tuesday. Most likely to let people level up in the meantime and catch up in honor i guess.

That is nonsense. The blue post is talking about Conquest, not Honor.

If you don’t know what you’re talking about, stay quiet.

Ofc Honor gear should be available prior to the season. It’s just a mistake by Blizzard.


Hit 85 looing forward to grind out and get the new honor gear to find out there is none yet. Sadge. Really blue ball for pvpers


Please tell me this is a joke. How is there Justice Points gear in the game, but no gonor gear?

People were capoing honor before going into the xpac just to get a headstart on a few honor peices, what a massive waste of time. blizzard is so out of touch its insane.


yep justice vendor is up, so should be the honor vendor.


Same here, just hit 85, wanted to spend my honor points and farm some gear with battlegrounds, but can’t spend them. Nice joke, completely neglecting the pvp players.


please add the honor vendor…


We’ve got an issue that we’re working to fix.

We plan to spawn the PvP vendors selling Bloodthirsty (iLvl 352) gear as soon as we can.


ETA? Should we sit up waiting for it or just go to bed?

Cba missing out on all my prep with extra WG / Grizzly / Tol Barad quest hand-in before reset.

vendor came up just before shutdown

The vendors are now in-game.

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without weapons or helm/shoulders enchant ?

Still missing the JP > Honor conversion option on the Justice Trade Goods vendor (Talric Forthright on Alliance).


What issues you have to solve on game that was released in 2011? :smiley: I’m really surprised how much work it is! :smiley: As a game developer my self, I’m having hard time to understand this.

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PVP gear Set bonuses are not working or even showing up, at least for Survival Hunter.
Also tried to wear the two set and nothing changed. Hunter should be getting 70+ agi on their two set instead there are no set bonuses at all showing up.

Please fix @kaivax

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1 the shoulder enchants and head enchants are from Tol Barad the same as they where from wg and 2 first season of xpac never has blue pre season weapons only the epics in the first season

while you are correct about the weapons there are posts from 4.0.3 stating “They may also be bought for 2000 Honor each at the Honor Quartermaster.” about the pvp enchants on wowhead.