No Warglaives for Rogues BFA Blizzard Why?

Hi all,

I’ve re-rolled a rogue after playing feral since vanilla, and I’ve been farming Black Temple for a few weeks hoping to get the warglaives for transmog. I’ve recently found out via the rogue discord that these are only obtainable for transmog purposes if I was a Demon Hunter…

The discord guys told me that the warglaives could still drop for me, but wouldn’t be transmoggable AT ALL as a rogue.

I find this completely bizarre considering back in TBC this item was ONLY available to Rogues and Warriors. To stop those classes from being able to farm and transmog that now but give it to a new class seems a very unfair and strange decision from Blizzard.

Will there be any plans to change this? fingers crossed


The thing is the new moggable item isn’t a sword. It’s a warglaive and Rogues can’t use that weapon type. The reason why they did it is probably to increase variety of warglaives available for transmog because there only 2-3 other models apart from Artifacts in Legion.

In my honest opinion they should, first of all allow warglaives to be used as a weapon for every class that is able to equip original Warglaives of Azzinoth. It doesn’t make sense to restrict it given that this weapon type was never exclusive to Demon Hunters in the lore.

Then they could add more classes to that moggable version.


Exactly! (this is my main now). I think it would be good if they just removed some restrictions with transmog. For example as feral the mage tower skin looks great, but the colours of the catform are completely opposite to how the weapons (daggers?! what was blizzard thinking!!) look, so I’m a green kitty with all green gear, and bright purple daggers.

I think Blizzard are confused about what weapons classes should have to be honest. Daggers for feral, rogues used to be able to get BOWS. Warglaives for rogues and warriors and now taken away and only for DH… it’s just bizarre and confusing for players.

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There’s a couple of “sort of” warglaives available for you to use still!
The PvP vendors in Ashran sell two that sheath on your back (Warmongering Gladiator I think?) and there’s a fist weapon with a very similar appearance - kind of like a tonfa with a long blade if anyone remembers that one?

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Most likely these: Warmongering Combatant’s Slicer
There’s a couple models use that look, Wild Combatant versions as well.

That’s got to be Fist of the Deity from way back in Wrath of the Lich King

Regarding the topic of Warglaives and transmog for other classes, one of the major reasons there was a specific achievement added in Legion to allow Demon Hunters to use the Warglaives of Azzinoth as an appearance for their Artifact weapons was how iconic these are to the demon hunter class.

I’ve said it before, transmog started out with extremely strict rules about appearances, and over time that’s relaxed a whole lot compared to what it was at the start.
Personally I do hope there’s some more options opened up, we’ll have to wait and see.


You stuck with Feral since Vanilla but now you jump ship over a cosmetic reason? #noRespect

Rogues get Thunderfury even though it is a tank weapon.

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War glaives is iconic weapon set of Illidan Stormrage, he is a demon hunter. It was possible to wear them before because there was no demon hunter class, while now as we learned from cinematics and story you have direct trainees of Illidan - demon hunters that are playable, obviously it make sense that class that looks and feels like Illidan himself, should be using this type of weapons.

That said, you can still farm original glaives from Black Temple as rogue, get the achievement for obtaining both and then kill TW version of Illidan to unlock this look for your demon hunter.

I totally agree with this decision, it doesnt seem right for rogues to wear demon hunter weapons. Lets not obliterate classes identities any further. My only regret is that blizzard didnt offer players glaives like from W3, the rounded ones. For example cordana uses them while you fight her in respective dungeon.

Again reason why warriors and rogues were able to wear these before (in BC) was because there was no demon hunter class in game yet, so it make sense.

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Thanks all for the replies.

@Simpleton I didn’t jump over cosmetics. That is a seperate reason.

I second this, especially for the Moonglaives from Darkshore… :sob:

You want them? Join us.

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