No, we don't want RDF! We really don't want that 🤯

Oh really. How would you know this? :thinking: You’re making assumptions?

It has a nice ring to it, but I’d have to disagree. I think “advocates for the MMORPG experience” is more suitable. Not much to protect with the rampant bots, gold sellers, dungeon boosts, gdkps fueled by RMT, portal pass, paid boosts… did I forget something?

Oh yeah, at least dungeon boosts are gone even if blizzards reasoning was slightly hypocritical.

Im sure he assumes that, because since you stated that everyone you know doesnt care about the tool, these players wont care about it when its implemented either, because dungeon grouping works fine on your server without it. Therefore, if RDF was implemented, you, and the players you play with, would have the option to teleport to the dungeon, but not lose anything in return.

Finding fitting names does not really change anything about the subject though. Even retail today has arguably more story telling and roleplay elements than vanilla, and is still an MMORPG. Its all about definitions, and players asking for MMORPG experience in RDF-threads mean specifically an idealized vanilla experience that is focused not on gameplay, but on social interactions.

When it comes to Blizzard, at the moment they think gdkps are good for the game and fitting to be in a classic experience, bots arent noticeably addressed, if players are willing to pay more subs, they can get as many level boosts as they like, buying 3rd party gold is more or less only a trivial offense and, although its not specifically supported, you can buy tbc gold legally by buying tokens on retail and trading the gold for tbc gold. Indirectly we already have RMT tokens in classic.
Its indeed a good thing, that they addressed the dungeon boosting, but overall they do a very questionable job. No matter if its called “classic spirit” or “MMORPG experience”, RDF or not, the game right now is not like its anywhere near an experience that a vanilla fan should strive for, and wotlk will be an even less fitting game overall.


If the RDF is great why has people been complaining about it on retail for years, the RDF in retail serves no purpose anymore because blizzard regret adding it the first time.


Have they now? I haven’t heard a word in either way about RDF in retail. None what so ever.


Yes they have now! that’s why they chose not to add it.
I must say im surprised so many people cry because of this, I was really happy when heard they chose not to add it and I honestly thought no one was going to miss it.
I stated playing i Wotlk never played a version of Wow withoput the RDF, before classic came out. And i must say the game without RDF feels much more like an MMO.


So what you are saying is that people that are for the removal of LFD should make videos and topics on a “opinion” that per default will be there? Does this mean that the community have to make videos and topics of everything we want in the game that is already currently there?

It’s not like Blizzard asked “Do you want it?”, they said “It wont be there!” and anybody who is for that (agrees with it) just have to smile and wait.

Is everybody on the bus?
Okey, lets go!

The people not there won’t complain or say “Im not on the bus”. Forums arent known to be the place where people acknowledge working (according to them) features, but one where people come to complain.

Its a bit unfair to say that its evidence of anything.


How is it unfair? Look at any poll or conversation, it’s massively in favour of adding LFD. My post even has more likes than the OP already. What are we supposed to just assume the silent majority just happens to be in favour of the change and that’s what you’re going to run with?

The silent majority don’t give a crap or they aren’t even aware. But they will be there to complain when they want LFD added. All of the topics on this subject end up the same way, the majority want LFD in WOTLK, same as the majority want dual spec. You cannot say that “this isn’t evidence enough” while the opposing opinion has basically no support.


No, they’re removing it, which is very different from ‘not adding’ it. They took special effort to remove something from the game that was there.

Aka, I’m not giving you $100 vs, I’m taking $100 away from you. Very different implication.


That is very true, and I think I will lose an aspect of the game that I like, if they add it/do not remove it.

Interesting… Just for the fun of it, wanting to see if I had actually missed that, I did a quick search in the regular forum.

I looked back as far as to december 2018.
I found 1(!) post actually complaining about RDF in retail and the vote kick system.
Funnily enough, even in that forum I found several threads that asked Blizzard to NOT REMOVE RDF in wotlk classic.

Strange uh?


[quote=“Jeanty-gehennas, post:30, topic:371913, full:true”]

Rofl nice way to remove the part of his post you didn’t like…

And it would be more like “No, i’m not letting you keep the $100, I’m going to take them away from you.”

That is the true scenario, yes, but here the term ‘add it’ was used and that implies something extra is given or added.

Yea I know, but that’s just him misusing the term “adding it”.

And looking at his claim that loads of ppl in retail complains about RDF I can’t do anything but regard him as another troll making things up in order to defend Blizzards decision.

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but friend have you been living under a rock. as far as to 2018 the RDF has been out since 2009 or 2010 I think. and the wow forums is not the only source out there.
Tons of videos by big youtubers like Preach, Asmongold, Nixxiom and madseason.
And they represent more players than You and I or anyone else on the forums.

I was against RDF back when classic released in 2019…

3 years cured me from that pretty well. I hate /lfg spam and wasting my time looking for ppl via scanning the chat.


I am well aware of when it came. Been playing this game since 2006 thank you.
But as you said loads of people complained about it, I took a look at the forums, where people usually complain. After having found just 1(!) post all the way back to 2018 I simply stopped.
Not much complaints there uh?

Those I honestly don’t give a rats a s s about what they say. They say ANYTHING to get an audience.
And one thing you need to understand. They do NOT REPRESENT ANYONE but themselves.

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Yeah? I’m in my 30’s and Discord is a recent invention. Epic “own” by pointing out I’m too old to be able to relate to you on this one. But I also played back in Wrath, so, kinda given considering the circumstances.

Thats funny. You are saying that theres zero evidence, but meanwhile YOU know its a tiny playerbase that wants it?

interesting. Talking about putting words in the mouth😂

That is true and it proves my point. Since they have a huge audience that mostly agrees with them.

In the end… we all know that Blizzard will pull the ripcord and add rdf if the subs are running bad at wotlk.