No, we don't want RDF! We really don't want that 🤯

Thnx for your feedback. Im gonna send flowers to all my guildies so they will log in for me when i need them right away.



Or you could wait with the dungeon, maybe plan ahead and do it in the evening and not NOW NOW NOW?

Maybe in the evening I have different plans than spending time in WoW?

Maybe you should play retail? Seriously, why are you playing Classic? Honest question.

Why I shouldnt?

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So if u dont have time on that day in the evening, you should play retail? :joy:. Okay.

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Well you don’t have time and you don’t enjoy the social dynamics. It can’t be the pve difficulty or pvp neither. I honestly have no idea?

Honest question, why are you playing classic?

The fact that I dont like the /lfg spam and wasting my time on watching chat, doesnt mean I dont enjoy other aspects of classic :slight_smile:

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Ok so tell me. What do you enjoy about Classic? What is the main thing you like in Classic?

Personally for me it is the social dynamics. The fact that we don’t have cross realm grouping, LFR and RDF and stuff like that.

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Its not the topic of what I like about classic, but about RDF and why it should/shouldn’t be added to the game :).

(I like raiding with the guild, I like the slower progression, i like totems etc.)

Ok but do you understand the argument why it should not be added?

I totally 100% understand why you want it. Because it’s convenient. And it is in fact extremely convenient.

But do you understand the negatives and how it affects people?

I understand the argument, but I do not agree with it. RDF was not the reason for community deterioration, it was the community fault, it was the community choice to become toxic.

I like to do kinky dungeon stuff at any giving time and im sure some other ppl would love that too. If i want to do a dung @ 02:00 am, why cant i?

And when did that happen? Do you remember?

Why I am getting at is that we didn’t even have RDF in Wotlk until the very end along with ICC.

It would happen regardless, check classic, unless u wear rose tinted glasses and u cant see how toxic classic community is actually :slight_smile:. Ppl do change over the years, stop living with nostalgia

Lol implying that it happened right after rdf?:joy:.

If it was truly the rdf, why do warmane wotlk server have the rdf on where loads of players are that love classic wotlk? Because it was successful and many ppl have seen the 14y old content.

Ppl change you know… ppl have less time and want to do stuff asap.

And what do you think would happen when you put this toxic community in an automated lazy teleport dungeon system with no consequences of being toxic? And you are also forcing all the non-toxic social people into that system for various reasons.

No Im implying that it didn’t happen in Wotlk at all because we didn’t have RDF in Wotlk until the very end.

Would happen the same as it happens on retail and classic atm.

Ppl assemble group, do dung, “gg”, leave.

The difference is on classic u waste 1h to find tank
on retail u wait max 10-15 minutes for grp.

Very end?
A year after release while the exp endured for 2y? Btw i was saying that you were implying that it happened after rdf. Not when wotlk came.