Greetings my friends, my family. I am here with one, for me, very painful topic. Let’s begin, shall we?
Am i the only one who wakes up and literally every morning, from nowhere, starts thinking about how bad i miss old wotlk and warcraft 3 days…? Those days when every gold was important, no flying in Azeroth, great lore and characters, stories that can’t leave you neutral, great community, great gameplay, friends, raids, pvp, talent trees, skills, tactics, when not everyone was the same, rare things were more appreciated than now, and lot more of stuff i cannot remember right now… Nostalgia hits me hard every day when i open my eyes, and i have to think about it rest of the day. I can’t tell how many times i almost cried because of this. Is there something wrong with me or…?

Well, if you really cry over it there most certainly is something going on beyond this. I get loving the game and all but it shouldnt affect you like this. Cant answer you that but is there anything else going on in your life that might cause it but this is the trigger maybe for the negative feelings? Just an impullse to think about, you dont need to answer this. Its rather personal.

Only thing I could think of is that you cant really handle changes maybe?

I dont really know wht to tell you but maybe you need a break from gaming and find sth that fulfils u otherwise and makes you happy?

Hope you feel better soon!

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Pretty words from you and that’s one of the reasons i still play and love Warcraft community so much.
It’s okay, i learned to live with that and lot of other problems i got, it’s fine.
I’m just asking if anyone else misses those old days when everything was better…
Thanks so much for answering <3

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We tend to go to the classic realms, and then we get cured of the nostalgia. It’s like a massive dose of penicillin.


Nostalgia for the game being less fun? I can’t say I’ve experienced that.

I have wonderful friends now, I raid with them and run mythic plus. I never had a chance to raid back in the ‘good old days’ and mythic plus didn’t even exist. And lack of gold and flying just forces you to spend more time logged in while achieving less.

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