Not counting the key as done

Wasting uslessly time is not enjoyable. Blizzard must remove the requirement to do the key in a specific time to be counted as done. Doing 5 levels higher than my best and to not be counted as finished is just really stupid. All this sweat and work for nothing is just not right.

It counts as finished towards vault . It gives no score once its like 30% over time, and thats good.

So if i do a level 2 on time for one star that will give me rating and then if i do a level 22 for more than 30% over the time i won’t get any rating to upgrade the level which was on time??? That is just stupid. 20 levels difference must mean something. Higher level especially if it is a 5 level difference or higher must give rating.

It does mean something. It means you failed the key so badly you didn’t get score for it. It’s not unreasonable.

There has to be some point at which a key ceases to award score, right?


so time vs level
If my 1st key is a timed level 2 (one star) and the next one is a not timed level 22. And the 2nd one will not be counted even though it is 20 levels higher? And those are the only 2 levels done in the same dungeon.

It was explained to you. You did the 22 so badly you didn’t get score.

Thats not the same as it “not counting as done”.

It means that u are able to finish 22 but not in time because u either died a lot, had low dps , or whatnot . But unstead of whining on forums u should take your key and do it on 20 , or 18 in time , it will stilk be a huge upgrade compared to 2 .

Idk why we even need this discussion . M+ is time bazed content, ofc time will play a role there .

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Why are the levels even existing for then? Bring back the chalange modes from MoP and to be done. They had 3 difficulties and that was it.

Because different people like different key levels and obstacles in game . And also different keys gives different score, once timed .

We got 3 dificulties in dungeons and they are rather lame and boring . But lets adjust them to chalenges … what would we get ? +5/10/15?
U finish them in first week or two of season and then what ? Nothing to push? Nothing to look for? No more improvements ? Nah thanks .

Also, are we having this convo just because u mad u didnt get any score for hour and half long run?

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You are comparing a lvl 2 key vs a 22 key are you serious? Its logic sense if you not timed a +22 key it means you failed it so not rating or higher key.

This was how it worked back in patch 9.1 but guess it is the same rules that apply.

The total Dungeon score is accumulated by the highest key completed on both Tyrannical and Fortified. The higher key of the two will award 100% of the score, but the lower key of the two will only contribute 33.33% score for the run.

This means that completing a key on both Tyrannical and Fortified will be required to get the highest total Dungeon score.

But for vault it just needs to be completed to count as people said here.

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