Not gonna lie chief, horde BG 50-59 sucks

Yeah, honest opinion in the last 3 days i’ve played bgs on my horde char, about 90% of bgs made me with to un-alive myself for majority of my time spent there. In roughly 20-ish bgs (AB/WSG) only 2 were nice even matches, but on the rest 18 horders (1-4 crybabies per game) only cried that everything and everyone sucks, be it “low levels are cancer and only dying” to just plain keyboardcrusading practically afk after allies got a bit ahead (1-0 on flags or ~150 points) and instead of trying to come up with plans only cry like world is ending cuz they didnt get to game where allies didnt stand a slightest chance.

Yes this is just ranting, i’d just wish horde on 50-59 spectrum would have atleast balls to play game that might end up atleast as close defeat instead of just the usual “gg they win dont stop them” after 5 minutes of brawling… on other level brackets it wast that terribly common on what i encountered (30-39 and 40-49)

Take this how you will but i just had to let out some fumes

Thanks for tuning in on my ted talk

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