Not looking anymore please delete

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Found a guild now thanks for the replys.

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Are you willing to offspec as a back up tank?

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Hi yes I would I’ve added you


Hey Zakuza,

We’re a mature HC and Mythic raiding guild called Ballmers Peak. Traditionally we’ve been focused on HC progress but in Uldir we also started Mythic progress but only managed to get 2/8 due to some dropping off the game. We’re currently trying to recruit more people in order to be able to do Mythic Progress as well. However, we definitely emphasize a good social environment over hardcore progression and most are new to Mythic progression.

We raid Wed & Sun 20-23 server time.

We’re currently 4/8HC and also have many players who are interested in Mythic+

While we currently have our two main tanks we do accept applications from everybody as long as you are able to play another spec as well. You can apply at (just remove the spaces): https:// ballmerspeak .net

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