Not so insane Spriest thoughts(DF)

What I’ve enjoyed the most about Spriest since vanilla, has always been that we as the only class cause damage through mental trauma. This has since then gotten more expression after we got to know how our powers were borrowed from the void. We can see it in all our spells, Mind- blast, flay, control and spike. Even our current mastery can be considered as a “the more of our dots on our target, the more vulnerable they become to us”.

What I don’t as much enjoy is how our battle with insanity seemingly has come to an end, and it only now serves as our resource with no further interaction, not to mention our spender hardly feels like one. Following that, I find it a bit odd, how when we’re blasting and gradually decaying our target’s mind more and more, there’s no effect to show for it(frost mage slow, fire mage dot’ish effects). I feel like a sudden sharp shock directly to your mind should do something.

Apathy kind of sort of serves that function, and as a homage to a talent we used to have, that made Mind Blast root our target, and while I like the talent on paper, it really only reliably procs with 3 stacks of spike.

In a prior iteration, we had access to Mental Restrain, and though it turned out what is possibly too powerful, which is why it was removed, I’m guessing… It felt very flavourful with shadow’s kit, not to mention thematic as a mind based spec(I’m sure disc is missing it as well).

If I were to make a suggestion, I’d like to see Mindgames changed into a Mind Blast modifier, applying Mindgames effect but with reduced power. It would reduce button bloat as well.

Speaking of thematic. With Tithe Evasion being pretty much mandatory right now especially with Deathspeaker, and SW: Death being the spell that primarily damages ourselves, I think an interesting iteration could be to incorporate Tithe Evasion into Masochism in some manner; either having the talent itself reduce death damage, or having Death proc Masochism. :thinking:

Additional thoughts: Could possibly make Surrender to Madness into a modifier for Eruption/Voidform, and have that somehow create an interaction with insanity(homage to legion/bfa)?

Currently, my cackling cultist feels a little too… sane. :kissing_heart:
(Looking forward to see what changes we see next.)

Well currently your dots on beta makes a super annoying click, everytime it does damage. That will surely drive you insane pretty fast. :woozy_face:

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haha yeah that’d do it ! :sweat_smile:

I’ve only tried the gameplay from a ptr perspective, and to me it feels decent enough
of course still having a few things needing looked at. Hope the gameplay also feels okay
in higher levels(in the beta). :grin:

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