Notorious Aspirant´s Leathers set

Can anyone confirm you can farm the Notorious Aspirant´s sets from random bgs? Hard to find info on this.

I believe there is a chance to obtain some of these items from supply chests - I often get rings or trinkets but the armour drops too.

I want to say I have recieved some of these items very rarely from the crate you recieve after a random bg (maybe 1-10 drop chance) but I can’t confirm it is the Notorious Aspirant’s item specifically that has dropped (never had an upgrade this way so it all has been scrapped).

I think it’s possible you can also obtain these items from brawls and a one time chance on the weekly quest from filling your conquest but at lower rank I think they get replaced by “notorious gladiator/combatant” after you fill that bar up so many times.

Now I seem to mostly get Notorious Gladiator and Combatant items - I’ll probably spam some more bgs later so I’ll take note and get back here when I can personally confirm it still drops.

I believe they drop but as you rank in pvp (fill your conquest) it becomes harder to obtain as you have to rely more on RNG drops.

Sorry, not such a straight forward reply!!

Thanks for the reply, i also rarely get armour pieces but alot of rings/trinkets. The bar you filling up is the Notorious Gladiator´s Leathers set, the one im looking for is the Aspirant´s set, only missing helmet and shoulders. So far ive only got the armour pieces, from the war supply chest. Just hate the wait time can sometimes be hours… Thats why i wanna know if they drop from bgs. Thanks agian.

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I can confirm this later as I’m close - when you fill the bar you hand in a quest and it usually offers you a choice of several rewards of the same item which you choose, it may be possible to select aspirant items here.

Nice work so far! I did a bit of looking around before I posted and I noticed a couple posters pointed out the chest/shoulders/helmet items are the hardest to come by! So wish you luck and if I get lucky I’ll come right back and let you know I got an aspirant item from bg/brawl.

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Hi, I’ve looted the legs and shoulder pieces from regular BG rewards, so yeah they drop.
Only play a few BGs per day so either I’ve been lucky or drop rate is good.

As a side note, the ilvl upgrade is ridiculously good, as a recent lvl120 wearing quest gear. You should see the pieces in my profile. Good luck!

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Okay thats good to know, then i can farm the farm the set in bgs too, Thanks for the info.


U can get first set easily. Just play your char on pvp all the time.

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