Numeric health values for players, NPCs, and ennemies not showing up

I’ve reported this in-game, but I feel this needs to be reported here as well.

On the PTR, when targeting a player (friendly or foe), an NPC (friendly or foe), or an ennemy mob, you cannot see their health, it’s just a percentage.

This was changed in patch 3.0.2:

Health values appear on targets; mobs, boss, NPC, or player (regardless of group or faction).


I also reported the bug 2 weeks ago

They are adding this in the deluxe edition for extra 10$

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I reported it on PTR and Beta

Just fyi, this is still not fixed on the latest PTR build ( from August 22).

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Good not just me then.

I looked up hogger online for wotlk and it said he had like 222 health or something.

I hit him for 45 and it dropped like 5%

Needless to say. I died

I’m guessing they are fixing minor stuff gradually and this is on their radar… given they fixed sparkly objects and stuff like that in the latest build. Although the sparkly objects should have been in since TBC now I think about it.

Yeah, the sparkly objects change was done in 2.4 or something, it should have been in TBCC since the beginning :s

Wotlk Classic pre-patch has released, and this is still not fixed !

Latest PTR build fixed this, thank you.

Did it tho ? When I click on friendlies it shows they have 100hp … not % but just 100 …
Works on enemies tho …

Yeah, just noticed that when you target NPCs and ennemy mobs it’s fine, but players are only showing percentage…

Come on Blizzard, this is ridiculous.

This is still not fixed on live or ptr.

This bug still exists, the wowuibugs github tracks it along with some more evidence of the current behavior being wrong when referencing original patch 3.0.2.