Nzoth and Aszhara pre and post sundering question


In the Azshara warbaringers cinematic Nzoth says he has been trapped beneath the waves for a thousand years yet at this time the sundering had only just happened as we can clearly see by Azshara and her empire being crushed by a massive wave caused by that same event.

A map of pre sundering Azeroth is available with the location of Nzoth, is the map incorrect, is there an inconsistency or is there another explanation? I do not ask this with any mean-spiritedness in mind, I am simply interested in possible answers.

I can not link the map so the map that I am talking about is titled “ordered azeroth”.


Good question. Seems like it’s another plot hole.

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The Pantheon realized that the Old Gods had burrowed far deeper into the surface than anticipated, and they could not risk excising the remaining three Old Ones, lest Azeroth be completely destroyed. Instead, the Pantheon ordered their titan-forged servants to imprison the remaining Old Gods and contain their evil below the earth, rather than outright killing them. Chronicles 1.
https:// gamepedia.cursecdn. com/wowpedia/7/7a/Ordered_Azeroth.jpg?version=35b3ec475ac0e6f55df9c817985a4446

This is after Aman’thul removes Y’shaarj from the planet. So yeah it seems they kinda forgot to do their homework (again).

Or his prison was already underwater somehow in the middle of the continent before the Sundering.


what I understood, the old gods got inprisoned way before the sundering, long before the nightelfs even existed, the sundering was caused buy the well exploading, but at that time the old gods already where in prison for ages.


The imprisonment of N’zoth (and others old gods) and fall of the Black Empire happened milennias ago, in Ancient times. Long before many races or characters existed. Just as Weffi said.

Kaldorei empire and Black Empire are completely unrelated.

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