N'zoth shows this world that a Queen is always beneath a God!


Just like C’thun ressurected Cho’gall back to life, later transforming him into something even more powerful and remade in his masters image.
So did N’zoth painfully and with agony raise his most loyal subject back to life.
This is something we saw even with The Lich King and Kel’Thuzad.

I’m pretty certain Azshara didn’t expect to die, N’zoth had probably manipulated her into believing her survival was already forseen and written in the stars.
Azshara is more corrupted by N’zoth than any other Naga, except besides U’unat who is clearly completely insane.

So is Azshara, but she can still function properly. So when she realizes that she had been left there to die, she panics. Later we see that in the cinematic.
But as Azshara both gave him an army besides his own and that she actually made sure he was released, the Old One’s have been shown time and again how they actually doesn’t just leave their most devoted to their fate.

What I also found so interesting when we come to Zandalar and the world-ending threath that we are so close to face without knowing it.

King Rastakhan is old and tired, ruling for over 200 years empowered by Rezan.
Together with the Zanchuli Council, made up of the most intelligent and powerful Zandalari from each caste and practitioners, they rule Zandalar and enforce the King’s laws. General Jak’razet is the first non-Zandalari to have risen to the rank of General over the Kingdoms army.

However, the leader of the Priesthood, the Dark Prophet Zul, has always been favored by the King and remained close friends. But Zul feel his time is running out, he is getting old and he has forseen the Troll Empire rise again.
With General Jak’razet already controlling large parts of the army, Yazma and Vol’kaal of the Zanchuli Council, along with the leader himself Zul, conspire to overthrow the current King and the false gods they worship.

Zul has seen the truth and know that allying with G’huun is the only chance for their Kingdoms survival. Together with Zul’s vision of Sight and his knowledge of spiritbinding and communing, he is empowered even further by G’huuns blood magics and how this Old God is very different from the others.
This Blood God is corrupting through decay (undeath), plague and disease.
That is why we see when Zul pulls off his coup, he uses his power to bind the ancient spirits of the newly raised to the will of G’huun.
Even when Zul is killed by King Rastakhan, G’huun has just been freed and ensures that Zul’s remains are transported to Uldir.
Where the Old God ressurects his most devoted and loyal subject into undeath, granting him even more power.

Any other Old God are against using this very powers. Sure, they love souls, but they aren’t very found of using it. So G’huun was special but when he was released, he such a big threat that even N’zoth would have a problem.

Since N’zoth was defeated a long time ago by Y’shaarj, which most likely means he also lost alot of his physical form, one would assume?
Maybe, when we see N’zoth being freed, he merely cast a large shadow before he pulled up Azshara. How could she ever believe that here is a place for her as a ruler in the Black Empire?

So when we see Azhara being ressurected by N’zoth’s shadowy tentactle priercing her heart from behind, then being dragged back away to recover and most likely be even more transformed and twisted.

When Kel’Thuzad grew the backbone of what became the great Scourge army, he was rewarded by the Lich King as Arthas put his remains into the Sunwell, a fount of incredible power and with the presence of the Lich King himself guiding Arthas through the ritual and empowering the spell with Frostmourne, he was reborn as the most powerful Lich on Azeroth, with his mind expanded ten fold and he is able to control hundreds of undead minions at a time.

And please, drop the whole N’zoth and Shadowlands speculations when there are never any merits to them.
Same with the whole Sylvanas thing and Death. You always crave a big bad or a boss over each form of element, just like the Old God’s rule and the Naaru, but when it comes to Death, I doubt it exist any true master that is all powerful and forever master of the Shadowlands.

We see in WOTLK, that the most poweful Undead entity with the most souls and necromantic power, which the Lich King became at the end of the Frozen Throne, he thereafter proceeded using his vast consciousness and searching for lost Titan knowledge, he finally perfected the ritual to transform the worthy Vrykul females into the spectral Val’kyr, which gave him even more power and access over the Shadowlands, conquering larger parts of it.

And it’s the last we heard of it since. The Lich King is the only one who holds such domionion over the Shadowlands, which is something he still possessess.
Even Bwonsamdi says so himself, the Frozen Throne is more than a pretty throne, it’s an anchor that binds this world to the next.
All because of the Lich King spectral nature along with the Val’kyr,

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