Obtaining Rank 3 Essences on Alts

Well spare crates are funny too. My character has got 2 paragon chests and she still does not have off-spec essence.

… what, dont stare she was 1st character to hit gnomes exalted among my characters and it was like last month i bothered buy mainspec essence.

yes, it is because you don’t get much spare parts and 0 crates at all for quests or the daily thing.
Apparently you need for farm the mobs to build the recycle thing to get like 180 spare parts.
meaning it is just stupid mob farming till forever.

worst part is you would need to do it 3 times to buy all the essences for heal tank and dd. Making it 60 crates.
How does that help my alts if my main doesn’t even have a tank spec???

Considering my accounts ‘mains’ are like - tank (monk), dps (dk) and a mage, I know very well what you mean. :smiley:

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Ignore Elias its for the best he has no clue about the game at all . He thought LFR came with WoD.

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Please note the update we’ve added to this original post:

To enable your characters to receive Echoes of Ny’alotha, you must first log into your other characters who have Rank 3 Essences. This will also unlock your Rank 3 Essences for purchase from MOTHER on eligible alts.

Well, you no longer need to be worried, since they removed it from the emissaries, rip.

So if you’ve thoroughly worked with Nazjatar followers to earn your Rank 3 Memory of Lucid Dreams, or delved into Battlegrounds and Island Expeditions enough to earn Rank 3 Blood of the Enemy, we understand why you might not want to feel required to repeat that experience.

You’re right, I don’t want to repeat that experience. So why is it that I cannot buy R3 Sphere of Supression on a tank alt, if I have R3 Blood of the Enemy on a pure DPS class main? Please consider making the role agnostic be across all essences, otherwise this is pointless for anyone wanting to try out different roles if their main doesn’t have access to those roles.

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Thank you. This means that I cannot use the system, as the character who got all essences at R3 is locked behind an account ban. I know, punished people should carry the burden, right? :frowning: I am very disappointed.

What on earth did you do?

Apparently I have cheated, but don’t want to discuss that here, but only the effect this has on the new account.
I have already seen a bug, where Mother lets me buy Nullification, but I did not log on any char with that essence @ R3 unlocked. I cannot buy any other for the reason explained above.

how can someone be so stupid to forget about such a key step to do? wtf

do you realise that with 2-3 hours/week you cant do anything in this game? what u gonna do? random bgs and normal dungeons? lol
as other pointed out, if you play so few hours you are definitly not going to need to be competitive, so just ignore the essences and gtfo :smiley:

And again, another system where You can solve lot of problems - didnt work properly.
Main will not get any echoes if alts dont have at least one t3 essence right? What if all of alts have at least one t3 essence, and main still not received echoes?
The system with which You can receive lot of kudos - but You set price of tokens for 500 echoes. Is that a april fools joke already 2 weeks before? You force users to farm another stuff while they HATE TO FARM all that ap, tokens, etc.
If someone have main with lot of t3 essences, and alt have at least one t3 essence - JUST ALLOW HIM TO BUY IT instantly! or with much lower price. 500?! Come on…

I have r3 essences on multiple characters, but char that I login with first after maintenance not receiving new currency…


What a surprise, I was right.

Echoes removed from emissary quests.

The thing is, the system doesn’t know that your alt has a rank 3 essence that your main doesn’t until you log onto that alt. It’s exactly the same as it was with account wide transmog. Log in to all your characters you want to participate in the system with first so the game knows about all the stuff you have and then resume business as usual.

The more glaring issue is, how much this screws over people who main DPS class (who are imho much more likely to roll a support class alt). I’m lucky enough I mained healer for a bit in S3, so apart from the new healing essences I got pretty much everything across my characters, but if I had just my warrior, I’d be back on the “no alts” boat, because I want a healer alt.

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Overall the main thing is the one that everyone know. TESTING (ok, not everyone know how to TEST, we know it too).
Again, another option which is coming to game - looks like “friday launch” in IT where everyone know how to NOT launch.

People in tech talk about AI, intelligent robots and crazy interconnected devices… but @ Blizzard you need to log you main so that your alts “know” the r3 essences your have on your main. It’s hilarious. Do alts reside on a different planet on another company servers? Aliens?

It’s like the stupid bureaucracy in some countries where you have to go to a government office to pick up a paper you need as input to another government office in the same building. :slight_smile:

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And what was wrong exactly about having the essences unlocked account wide?
This doesn’t help at all. You still need massive activity on the alt, for a chance to get maybe 1 essence per week. This can barely be done on one alt. Not to mention you got to neglect your main now too. What’s so hard about making things simple and just giving us what we asked for.

I’m so perky about how they implemented a faulty system where players who did not log their main first didnt get echoes. Just makes me feel so great by confirming when I said that they’re heavily incompetent and are employing people just for fun at this point. Well, Im not having fun