Oilshire best alliance guild

We are not recruiting, we have Maxhardcore.

PS: all hordes - run for ur life.


you havn’t met Baine

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Insane guild

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Greetings horde,

In the name of Eoka, our retribution paladin Guildmaster, we reclaim the Blackrock Mountains.

Last night we defended the mountain and painted the stairs red, which will now be known as the Red Carpet. The Chain of Dogs approaching our dungeons quickly learned and fled in terror. Very seldom do I see big cows and the forsaken struck by horror in such a manner and it makes me question the entire leadership and spine of the horde.

With honour rankings approaching, I urge the horde to quickly grow a pair to avoid further embarrassment.

Best regards,

Head of the Soul Shards Collection Team


I concur Head of the Soul Shards Collection Team

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Yeah I really noticed Eoka and maxedhardcore and some warrior you all looked so great and horrifying after we killed you in winterspring Hope my bum tasted good


Are you the mage and lock me and eoka stomped on a few times before max joined in and you came back with a group of five to kill us?

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Never heard of you?

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God speed.