Ok I regret my words

Legion had class tier sets


Ah. That is true. My favorite Legion set is the TOV special set, which is armor type, so I thought thats when it changed.
But no, thinking back it was class specific. So obviously I’ll have to withdraw that complaint.

BfA was very disappointing in terms of looks with the lack of tier sets. Plus I actually miss the flexibility of them.

Legion was the opposite of BFA. BFA was “too much at once” and failed to be particularly amazing at anything, mediocre in most respects. Most stuff was meh. Playable, not enough to bench me, not enough to excite me bar very very few exceptions.

Legion was an expo of extreme highs and lows. Firstly the premise and DHs
…now if you love the legion theme and DHs, this is a big high. In terms of aesthetics the fan service is there. If you don’t, it’s a LOT of green fire everywhere.

Artifacts, initially a huge low. Horrendous grind, destroyed multiple specs and Alts. The initial version of this was atrocious. Although a big high is the ability to wield cool weapons from wows history.

Class hall stories were excellent largely. A really cool addition. Shame it’s in a really alt unfriendly expo.

Suramar is one of the best questing experiences in game hands down and looks amazing.

However Argus is probably the biggest disappointment next to Nazjatar. Legion base and Eredar homeworld and it makes less impact in 3 zones than Suramar does in one. Really really missed the mark.

When legion got something right, usually it was really good. But when it didn’t, it was hard to endure. Like the alt unfriendliness. This wasn’t something you could easily just ignore and play through. If you juggled Alts, the performance on all of them was going to suck massively comparatively speaking at least until they added the catch up mechanics.

It was good enough to get me to actually start playing WoW, if that says something.

I still think Argus is the best patch Blizz has ever, ever done.

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Legion was the second worst expansion this game has ever had and the ultimate downfall of the game we used to love and enjoy. Legion killed everything that made World of Warcraft great and wiped out the old playerbase.


Suramar Storyline was awful.

It’s just literally help Night Fallen Grow a tree til it’s full grown up.


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I liked it. You help them regain their city from the legion.

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the take from this thread is those that did not like Legion did so because of balancing/pruning issues, or end game grinding

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it was one of the exp i love it. sure, it wasnt perfect… but i had a good time in it.

Legion, too much ability pruning, rest was fairly good…(?).

If you judge Legion by it’s last patch then it was pretty good, if you judge it as a whole it was less good.

Artifact weapons was an absolutely awful grind at the start, not to mention it was spec specific so you could spend 3 months leveling up your affliction weapon and then have a level 1 demonology weapon.

Legendaries had a soft cap which meant you could pretty much just delete your character if you got the wrong one early on (not really but you weren’t gonna have a good time with it for a while).

The broken shore/isle(?) patch that was almost as inspired as WoD’s twitter and selfie cam patch with it’s 6 weeks of kill 20 demons quests.

I’m sure there’s more but this was my highlight reel.

yes legion was pretty good, particularly if sandwitched between WoD and BfA.
order halls and campaigns added a ton of replayability with alts.
I really appreciated the focus on class fantasy.
the suramar campaign was great and the zones simply stunning.

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The expansion that made you question the meaning of class fantasy than ever before

Legion was like BFA except the content was good
But pretty much every system they had sucked
Artifact Knowledge sucked, Legiondaries sucked, PvP templates sucked. It was just the content was good, and the classes were acceptable, no GCD change etc

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I hated the grinds. I hated the grinds so much I quit for most of the expansion and I came back once the AP catch-up was big enough to not feel like a grind.

I hated the legendaries lottery. So much time invested and all the effort for the utter disappointment when you saw an orange text on your screen and then it was the crappiest legendary you could ever get.

I liked the stories of each zone, and I feel like each zone could have been its own expansion. I didn’t like how disparate the stories were though. It was like each zone was its own book.

I liked it when they introduced the vendor for legendary items. Having the currency system to buy the items felt a lot more rewarding.

I liked the power the artifact weapons brought the characters, and I equally disliked how empty the classes felt without them.

Overall, same feelings for bfa. Replace arrifact with the heart of Azeroth and replace legendaries with azerite traits and so bfa is just a copy of legion.

I only level, but Legion is the one I don’t enjoy because there is too much fel. This would be funnier posted by a warlock, but I only post in GD on this druid, because I play druids the most and like to be consistent.

All I can comment on is the levelling zones, much preferring the BFA ones (Yay, I can level in that now I like sneks and want to play one Blizz). Now we have Chromie time, it’s great that we can all make our choice between zones. Free people disagree with each other, and it’s nice that all the zones in the game are so varied in different ways. My least favourite zone is the HMT zone (for logistics reasons; I love all tauren enough to refrain from eating them 9 times out of 10, so, you’re welcome, Taurens).

For the most part it has the same criticism as BfA and Shadowlands: Blizzard didn’t let the players enjoy the sandbox, people were gated from it and we were only able to enjoy it for only some time.

One of the biggest problems was how RNG the loot was - this includes Legendaries, Titanforging, Warforging, and even World Boss RNG. You could either get extremely lucky or you don’t get extremely lucky, and the power difference between the two ends (even if we are comparing extremely lucky to decently lucky) is insane. You either got the right legendaries or you didn’t, you either got a forged Arcanocrystal or you didn’t, etc… But when you did somehow manage to climb the RNG gates, the gmae was very, VERY fun.

The artifact grind a lot of people disliked until they sped up how fast you could get AP. It was alt unfriendly and multiple spec unfriendly with how much you had to grind, and you had Artifact powers that was literally 3% increased Whirlwind damage mixed in there, and those were traits not at the end of the tree, but everywhere instead, effectively making you level from lvl110 to lvl480 - if that makes sense.

PvP was horrid with the PvP templates. 0 customization and not rewarding time and effort invested in an MMORPG is the biggest sin you could ever make. Honor talents at the beginning were garbage, and so were Honor levels. Some classes had their best talents in the 3rd tree, and some had their best ones in the first. It was bad.

In general, Legion can be summed up very easily: the higher level you wanted to play at, the more unenjoyable the game became.

Considering WoD made me quit 3 weeks in and I stayed for the whole of Legion, then I think my view is quite telling on what I thought.

Legion was amazing. Surammar, class hall, questlines, raids, dungeons, both rated and random battlegrounds. It was just so alive.

Very grind heavy but it had so many ways to affect how u played your character l. Artifact weapons, legendaries, set bonuses, u were able to swap gear in m+. It was a lot better than bfa imo. But it had its flaws in ap grind and legendary acquisition. But once u got the Legoz and u finished the grind it was a very good expansion indeed.