OK serious question now. TV size


Is 32’’ too much as far as your eyes being tired concern?
Is it better or worse for the eyes?


my TV size is 19.7 centimeters :wink:


I mean… for gaming, right?


I played WoW on a 32", 27" and a curved 35" personally 35" and 32" were both too big for me since I actually had to look around quite a bit while playing, I’d stick to smaller screens to be honest.


like… I guess you can call it that.


Im currently playing on a 43" :joy:


Hm… 43 seems a bit too extreme dude. you’ll have to actually turn your head lol


I have a 28" and its aight for the end of my bed PS4 Parappa the rapper gameplay ngl


Yeah and it’s not doing wonders for my eyes either but i came back to gaming on a pc recently and i dont have a monitor


Yeah, I think 27 to 32 is OK.
With 32 being borderline…


I play on a 65” Tv across the living room ( around 3 meters from the TV ) with a ps4 controller. Fantastic experience . In other words go bigger you will not regret it.


what? 65 would be impossible to play. Are you trolling?
You would physically have to to turn your head in a well +25 degrees each time, and that’s just talking about car racing games.
Not even touching more point-of-view demanding games.


No I am not trolling. These are some of the games I played without any issues:
Warhammer inquisitor martyr
Witcher 3
Fallout 4
Mgs ( the last one )
Mass effect andromeda ( vomit )
Lord of the rings


Well, I haven’t played all of those games, but if they’re all like the 3 of them that I know of, they’re basically interactive movies, so I get how you didn’t get any problems with them.
But, let’s face it, they’re not… GAMES.

To be more clear: If they’re all like that, fast targeting and response is not important in those “games” and neither is the element of real surprise&react.


At all cases I mostly use the TV for movies and Warcraft and it’s great. 3 meter distance seems adequate.

If I could afford it I would be going for a crazy 85 inch TV for Warcraft.


lol wtf you have to be trolling


I can send you a picture on discord if you want.


Pic means nothing, it’s a matter of input speed.
You’ll be killed 2 times before you see it in your assumed 85’’ TV lol


tv’s size should relate to the distance between the couch the the tv.
mine is 55 inch in 3 meters living room. 4-5 meters would require 65 inch.

havent played a video game on a tv in any form in like 10 years. tv for me is tv shows and movies and stuff


not about the distance, but the input speed of the PC’s graphic card to the TV dude