Old God themed one-handed weapons


Am i just blind or there are barely any options when it comes to that? Most of the stuff ive seen with let’s say eyes are two-handed swords, axes, staves… you guys know of any nice onehands like that?


Maybe the [Blade of the Witching Hour] from BoT fits the bill.

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This one’s pretty great too :slight_smile:


Couple suggestions for your Outlaw rogue there, kind of depends on how Old God you want to go though :stuck_out_tongue:
Treachery’s Bite, Kilrak, Jaws of Terror or Horned Mace of the Old Ones could all work.

If you’re going Assassination or Subtlety and wanted daggers, you really can’t go wrong with Fanged Tentacle as Hroardane mentioned.
Mandible of the Old Ones or Spiritsever could also work.

Or if you want something a little bit creepier, Oregorger’s Acid-Etched Gutripper has an actual eyeball hanging off it :eye:


Hey, I don’t have names in mind, but…
I think the items which drop from Siege of Orgrimmar,Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Spring, Dragon soul, Bastion of Twilight and Ahnqiraj may have that theme. :slight_smile:
I myself Remember some daggers i have, which are that shape.

This is a one hand mace, which drops from Bastion of Twilight, and greatly has the theme!
Sorry if i recommended anything again, and GL HF!


Yeah, those are nice mostly except the sword (kilrak i mean) - in my opinion at least :smiley: there is also this fyn’s dagger that i personally like because of eyes but im not a dagger user, for the time being at least. Still… there is nothing such as dark edge of insanity or MoP two-hands :c there is… claw of the watcher - tentacles, eyes - but im not really into fists that much :joy: maces and axes are acceptable i guess but sword is what i long for.

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There is also Writhing Wand (from a quest inside one of the cataclysm Caverns of Time instances, so you have to do it with a priest or a mage), and Hungermouth Wand, which is either bought off a vendor or drops inside Dragonsoul raid, I don’t remember which.


claw of the watcher - im limited to 2 links per post still…

edit - I decided to go for treachery’s bite in mh and horned mace of the old ones in oh with mark of shadowmoon on both. Looks fine for now i think :man_shrugging:

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