Old tier sets tokens and legacy sistem

Hey been runing some old raids on alts abd token drop rate is realy low or doesnt even drop, just did FL heroic tons of loot and 1 token, TBC, WOTLK, did few raids only 2 items drop per boss, before legacy sistem it droped more, dont care for gold just for mog.

It’s just bad luck I’m afraid. I’m getting lots of tokens each run.

Wanna talk bad luck? Here it is: https://i.imgur.com/iZ6Ljjz.jpg

One thing that legacy loot desperatly needs is antiduplicate system. It’s meant to be a feature mostly for people that solo old raids. If you solo you don’t need 4 pieces of the same belt dropped from a boss. You need only 1.

This kind of thing is not that hard to implement. For every subsequent roll just check if the item was already rolled. If it was just roll again.

Are you running them as 25 man? Because just getting two (2) loots per boss sounds like you are in 10 man version. You should get four (4) items per boss in 25 man.

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