Old Vanilla Player Screenshots


Before starting to play this game back in 2005, I remember looking at many screenshots in the WoW website uploaded (I’m guessing) by actual players. Whether they were screenshots of the environment, the players themselves, dungeons, or even random activities such as fishing and whatnot, it felt good looking at them.
Before playing the game these media screenshots were kind of what got me wanting to play the game in the first place.
Is there anywhere now where I can find screenshots like those back then? If not, why did they remove the gallery of screenshots in the official website? It would be nice to have these screenshots uploaded and maybe the best screenshots would get posted in the official websites.
This is not a major part of WoW classic, but I feel personally that it would be nice to have that feel brought back in the WoW classic section of the website.
Does anyone who knows what I’m talking aout relate? What do you guys think? :slight_smile:


Aw, yes, I remember! Screenshot of the Day, too.

I searched for those not long ago, and all links, sadly, redirected to wow-europe.com.

What a wonderful feature to get back, though, good idea!
I would love to see it return :slight_smile:

Dear old Auberdine. :two_hearts:


Exactly! Screenshot of the Day! amazing pic btw!

(Hottage) #4

Sadly lost the majority of my old screenshots, oldest I have now are from mid Wrath (saved from my old PC’s hard drive).


I used to have a bunch. Sadly my computer crashed so bad one time, that they couldn’t even save the pictures. I still remember some of those I took though.


Thank you - one of my most cherished places :slight_smile:
Can´t wait to see Gubber Blump again!

Well, we could start our own thread! We could call it

"Screenshots to share in the longest 10 day-wait ever" :wink:

Really looking forward to the sunsets in Classic again.

And the escort Quests.

I´m not all about Night Elves though, I look forward to something like the atmosphere of Westfall, too :slight_smile:

To name a few among 1000 things!

Do you have some to share - What did you use to play, what are you looking forward to the most? :slight_smile:

Some of the Screenshot of the Day pictures were sometimes quite goofy as well, if I recall correctly; it would be fun to have a place to share screenshots from the chaos that will be launch, once we get there!

(Jaina) #7

All those pretty piccies make me yearn for old Darkshore again. In fact, all the old Elven lands, even Azshara, despite the fact there was almost nothing there. Was still pretty.

All my girls are humans right now, at least, all the ones I saved names for. But I’m definitely going to make a Nelfy huntress as well.

(Dottie) #8

I lost all mine in a hard drive crash in 2007, so I only have TBC ones.


Likewise :slight_smile: Now ten days feel even longer. Azshara, I agree - Even if there was not much there. Though I recall a quest with a gnome and an airplane that was frustrating me, to say the least :smile:


Fortunately I’ve saved all mine, it has become a couple of thousand of over the years. Having recreated my characters I was thinking of maybe recreating a few of the screenshots as well. Alas many of my early screenshots have the UI visible in them… :stuck_out_tongue:

(Punyelf) #11

I’ve lost most of my screenshots every time I’ve done a rebuild. I now save all my screenshots elsewhere so they don’t get lost but it’s too late for the early ones.


I’d be happy to share, but I’m not allowed to in this new system where everyone is guilty until proven innocent.


I definitely wish they’d bring back the Screenshot of the Day (or even of the Week) feature. As you say OP, it really brought in a lot of attention to the game and for those already playing it it was something fun/nice to look at.

I remember getting ideas for places I’d never visited before and even tried to recreate some of the poses.

(Uzuki) #14

I thought you were standing on the water till I enlarged it :stuck_out_tongue:

Favourite place in the game.

(Punyelf) #15

You can do links if you type them in, highlight and use the </> button. They appear like this.


I can reply to your post with the linked images as well. Please don’t do hundreds :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Dottie) #16

Hey, I found one, not an ingame one but the only one, I’d uploaded it to a website I have.


I’m extremely fond of my WoW screenshot collection, especially my early ones from TBC. Wow classic will be a welcome addition.


Blizzard, please read this and bring back Screenshot of the Day / Week into the Classic section of WoW website!

Many people would participate in submitting / recreating old vanilla WoW screenshots and enjoy doing so.


Why did your warrior equip shovel ? Maybe he is working night shifts as grave robber ?


This screen is old ? Hmm… 16/9 and good resolution in 2005 ? :thinking: