Older player seeks friends and active guild

Greetings, i am looking for a happy, active, more mature (in years, not attitude) guild. Where people hang out in chat, run dungeons together, quest together or even fish together. I know this is a rare thing now in the modern world but i hope to find it.

Ive been playing a long time and been part of some wonderful guilds and shared amazing times with people ive played with. But like some much, everything evoles and changes. Guilds collapse, people move on, RL gets real etc etc.

Im nearly 50 now and use wow to relax after a hard days work, i arent a hardcore raider nor a mythic key pusher (15s are my max) but i do love the game.

If anyone out there feels they could home a old gamer like me then please get in touch. I dont care about realm or faction…

My battlenet is yarddog10#2114 and i hope to hear from you soon.

Hi! You are welcomed to join our guild. :slight_smile: