One last desperate try, RP-PvP

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@Dwoit: I am aware of this… :frowning: And there are others, who feel just like your follow up part says.

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One realm to call home, a SINGLE RP-PVP realm is doable, the demand is there, now the ball rests in the hands of Blizzard.



While at first glance French and German servers would complicate things, i don’t believe thats the case in terms of just one English RP-PvP server. While there might be french / german rp-pvp fans that won’t be able to play on their language server, i do believe that the option of an RP-PvP server even if its not in your prefered language is preferable. RP-PvP rules ensure that the language problems are minimized, and if at a later time, French / German rp-pvp servers are added a free transfer should suffice.

As a whole, i would argue its better to launch with only one language supported then to launch with no rp-pvp supported

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@Nirwanna: They have double-edged effects and both the benefits and disadvantages spread unevenly among the player base as a whole. The tricky part comes here… Blizzard has already confirmed the existence of RP realms… Which means that French and German speaking RP-PvP players specifically have two primary options, roll on the English speaking RP realm… or roll on a French or German PvP realm. They are not likely to roll on unofficial English support PvP(-RP) realm, because the message might not reach them…


It’s pretty safe to assume they would release the RP-PVP realm on the English speaking servers, as they should do.


They listened.


GGs all around!

:champagne: :tada: :birthday:

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Grants RP-PVPers…You just got your first epic.



About time… I can finally start planning which guild I will join.


Huzzah! :smile:


I will humbly take all the credit! :smiley:

Nah, man… I’m so pumped, thanks everyone that kept this discussion going and made sure we have our real home in Classic. I actually think the discussion, hype, de-hype and forum spamming will make the RP-PvP servers HUGE.

See you in Azeroth you sexy and loving grunts!

Now, my last quest is to make sure my friends change back to Horde, because I wanna play dat Shaman :frowning: But no, I lost the Shaman vs Paladin fight, but the war aint over.


We did it guys! We did it! Thanks for everyone’s contribution!


Nah on an rp-pvp server we now all start with a legendary :wink:


Please give the RP - PVP Realm a good name! The best name!


I don’t care what the name is even if its something ridiculous like -were salty we had to do this-


Now you’ve gone an jixed it, you just know that the realm name will be

“The Stagnant Oasis [RP-PvP]”

I mean don’t get me wrong I will still play there, but damn…


Haha, even stagnant its still an oasis! :wink:

The barrens would be worse :wink:


Lion’s Pride Inn would be a perfect RP realm server name :wink:


Yesssss!! It always ends up in an inn doesn’t it? :slight_smile:

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Goldshire. Just name it Goldshire.