One mob in Upper K question

You know, the guy after the first boss, putting fire on the floor in the squares.

Not sure if it’s my bad, or someone else, but here’s what I know.

  • Drop drops, even ranged, he will charge
  • Don’t stand behind him

After the charge though, for a number of times, he kept beating the cr… out of me. Been checking youtube guides, but they’re not clear about this.

I need to run? Or is it a taunt issue? It takes some time until he starts going for the tank again, but it leaves me dead.

Yes, the charge definitely does something with his aggro. I taunt after every charge, but since he’s a dual wielder and I’m not Asian he may get a swing in before I can react.

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This mob shows can the tank react fast and take back the aggro. Also it won’t go after the tank if he doesn’t taunt it.

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Cheers, so it’s basically only the first charge hit I need to worry about, anything else is an aggro issue?

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Exactly. You have to survive the 1st charge only. From then on is tank’s job.

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I found it rather hard way this week, but u realy wana skip him xd .

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