Open Golemagg!

OMFG how long do we have to wait until stupid dev. unlocks servers??!! Open Golemagg for new players!!! There isn’t so many players now like before a few months ago! Many ppl stop playing because Blizzard is unable to post any information regarding lock servers. Also many ppl now start work after covid so servers are not overloaded. So please for God unlock the servers!!


Please I need to go this server, or I cancel subscribe!
I will not play game without friends…


Open it for alliance so it help to fix A/H ratio (sly wink)

Yes open it plz, my friend bought gametime now he cant join, rerolling isnt i viable option ;/

Why is this server still locked? Open it already blizzard wth are you doing.

golemagg is dead thanks to this stupid decision. Nobody running dungeons, whole leveling feels like some empty private server,guilds are already falling apart since they can not recruit new people.

Open Golemagg!!!

Hello Blizzard when will the Golemagg server open?

According to my friends who are playing on this server, there are not as many people active as in the past, why hasn’t this server been opened yet?

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