<Orbit> is recruiting raiders to join our ranks, 5/9HC

9/9 N, 5/9 HC. LF a friendly guild? You might have found it! We’re LF 1 healer + DPSs for our team. We are a HC raiding guild. Days: Mon + Wed 19:15 - 22:00. A friendly place but still getting AotC. Poke us .feel free to wisper “Tritwn” in-game or “Tritonas#4478” on discord

BEWARE! Do not waste your time joining Orbit. It is a dead waste. You are better off doing anything else but joining this. Guild chats are always silent. It is a glorified community boost for their lacking guild master. People are leaving in drones, just check their page on WoW Progress for yourselves.

Stay off at all costs!

Thank you for taking the time to write this message full of love and respect. It seems we took a good decision of not letting you stay with us whoever you are, since you waste your time on negative attitude and thoughts. have fun whatever you do!

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