Orc passive is gamebreaking, change it in the future


This is Classic, we want to keep things as they were. If you want a warped version of the game there’s always retail.


rogue stunlock/cooldowns are insanely gamebreaking. if horde has one race that balances the scale its not a problem.


Playing rogue on Alliance PvP is broken. First you have 25% passive stun resist on Orcs, then you have absolutely ludicrous reflected damage through Shadowguard and Lightning Shield…like 300 reflected damage.

There is literally not a class/combo that a Horde rogue wouldn’t try against, but as an Alliance rogue you’d need to be nuts to even consider attacking any Orc, any Shaman or a Troll Priest (this one is especially broken).

If you’re playing Alliance just do it right and roll a mage…maybe a lock.


Right, how does this fix the “problem” for Alliance players?


Alternative idea: no changes.


because we all know that now (and have been knowing since vanilla) and why wouldn’t they change the game to the better?


Nerf this, buff that…

What can’t you people understand in #NoChanges ?

If you don’t like Classic as it is, go play another game.

Blizzard already tryed to “fix” WoW, so go play the “fixed” version called Retail WoW, then!

People like you made it into what it is, so how come it’s dead?


This one time, at band camp, I resisted 1 charge, 1 intercept and 1 cheap shot while being mounted. I could taste the frustration.


Blizz made it so because it makes sense! Orcs are race that is more hard to stun cuz of their strenght, rage and endurance. Stop crying and think up better strategy against orcs ,than just stun lock them and feel good because you didnt let them control their character for even one second.
Why everyone cannot just play the game (and dont like some parts of it), but needa to cry on forum and tell Blizzard to change something because he doesnt like it. Do you really think they will change something because few guys are complaining on forum? No, if you dont like it, dont play it or get over it!
Imagine…Quake 3 Arena and few guys are complaining about the game it is too fast for them and they should make it slower…like wtf?


why do you think ppl play orc if they would remove it nobody ever would play that shi

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Could say the same about gnomes and dwarves.
Take away Escape Artist and Expansive Mind from the gnomes and Stoneform, Fear Ward and Desperate Prayer from dwarves, watch as all the spellcasters become humans overnight.


you are battle for azeroth panda plz

you dont know gnomeregan and probably main a tauren cow

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My avatar isn’t relevant to this discussion, we’re talking about classic races.
If gnomes didn’t have their amazing caster oriented racials I doubt you or the other thousands of gnome warlocks and mages would have ever touched them.
Like I said:


yea maybe you chose race based on these kind of things but i rly dont otherwise i would be orc hunter or something ofc

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I didn’t actually, i’m quite happy with my undead Priest which has frankly terrible Priest racials and a racial what’s good against Warlocks and that’s about it.

If I wanted to min/max I would have rolled a Troll for Shadowguard and Hex of Weakness which is essentially a ranged Mortal Strike minus the damage, but I wanted to be a dead person with a metal jaw and comically bad swimming animations so here I am.
Still, my point still stands:


As a rant thread this is damn bad 1 . If you are trolling well you have succeded.


How is WOTF broken when allies have WOTF that can be distributed to every race by dwarf priests AKA fear ward.


It is ok in the sense that you can play an orc as well, you are not prohibited from playing an orc when you start the game.

If you do not play an orc like many others that play alliance or play horde and not play orc you had motivations that weighted heavier than the orc passive racial.

Neither orc racial changes nor paid faction change should make it into the game on their own. Classic wow is far from balanced, perhaps bigger so than (later/previous :S) editions from the game, and that is well known and fine.


Yup, you’re right. I picked dwarf for Fear Ward, wouldn’t have touched the fugly things otherwise.


You answered yourself. Ally NEED a Dwarf Priest to Distribute the buff. The duration is 10 min and you don’t have the possibility to choose when to use it.

Realy you do not see the abyssal difference?