Orc passive is gamebreaking, change it in the future

What’s the matter and this obsession for balance? Classic is not offering balance between races & classes, it’s known by everyone for the past 15 years so deal with it or roll whatever you feel is OP. This is how it works.


Just as expected, all the people I mentionned in my post are there already.

You people are either white or black you can’t even understand that there is a grey area in the middle…

Oh you think classic needs a bit of changes ? Then go “back to retail” ( it actually already had changes but yet I don’t see you playing on retail ), get a brain.

The Orc racial is completely broken though.
Orcs frequently escape on mounts in spite of multiple alliance warriors charging/intercepting them to stop them. It’s not at all uncommon to resist 4 stuns in a row, as an orc.
The 25% feels like 90%.
I’m pretty sure it’s bugged in some way.


Yes it is which is why you see very few taurens and even less trolls. WoTF is equally as broken especially on a rogue when you are playing Lock or Priest as you have very little ways to peel and it also breaks charm as well as fear.

But hey its a 15 year old game… everyone knew what the racials would be like and it’s a major part of the reason why there is a massive faction imbalance because if you give people the chance to have a major advantage in a game then the vast majority will take it.

There’s not much else to say because Blizzard will not change it.

lol I won’t play retail, it doesn’t interest me at all, if balance interests you, you might be interested that the orc racial on retail reduces the duration of stuns by 20%…
so my solution to you is, go to retail

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Don’t rely on stuns to win against orcs. Go for ambush and eviscerate, or expose armor into eviscerate, don’t bother with kidney shot at all. Having both cold blood, and improved ambush will help a great deal.
And against warriors, just abuse slow from poisons to stay in deadzone and reset.


nah, this guy is helpless on his own, he relies on what the youtubers tell him on how to play his class and his only one-way cc chain

This is why you use Discombobulator Ray to dismount players

All this gray areas brought retail to this state.

If I did I would not be playing as combat you moron :slight_smile:

oh excuse me my crystall ball didn’t tell me you’re combat spec, go to retail :slight_smile: and I won’t stoop down to your level of name calling cause I feel sorry for you,

I would throw one dot on you and you’d run like a headless chicken


PvP combat build is great against orcs btw. The build is less popular because it sucks against mages, but orcs can’t be mages, so that’s that.

You don’t have crystal ball but yet you assume things about me, how convenient :wink:

Afterall you are playing orc so it tells a lot about you :slight_smile:

yeah I play an SL orc warlock on a pvp server and you a combat human rogue, at least I care about PvP

I am not doing too bad against them as combat but it doesn’t change the fact that it is frustrating as f*** when during the fight the orc resists your:

-Kidney Shot

Because even as combat you use your stuns.

Gouge is not affected by stun resist, it’s not a stun.

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The game is completely broken, but it’s meant to be, sadly.

Thanks you just made my point !

what point? that you’re a trash rogue that doesn’t care to play a pvp spec on a pvp server and then qq’s about racials on forums? When you called gouge a stun…

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Human’s Perception is OP ability, it’s gamebreaking for rogues!
Please, remove humans from our lovely game!

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