Orc racial nerfed

new pvp trinket set bonus

think im gonna go human for the aesthetics now


Blizzard always listens to arya.
first barbershop gender change.
second dk buffs.
and third this happy noises.

They said they added the trinket set cause there is so much cc and micro cc now so they help people playing the game (and not only orc).


This is great news :smiley: Should have been done a long time ago though…

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Change title to:
Rogue’s PvP nerfed.

Orc racial nerfed

Orc’s get helped with these changes aswell.

orc gets helped as well in regards to cc that are no stuns. still this is a huge nerf to the value of hardiness racial.

Not nearly as much as every other race, it’ll reduce the power gap between orc and everything else significantly


Now there is no reason anymore for Alliance ded right?
Since Alliance have the better PvE racials?

Oh wait…
Can’t wait for the next change :eyes:

What does it mean for human racial?
Tbh still just disable all racials please

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Human OP now, everybody reroll human!

Idk, I am just talking out of my :duck: lmao.

human is also not rly desirable anymore i guess since relentless + human trink was the main thing that made it good.

orc and human both mediocre pvp races now.

Human Racial farms Unity rep quicker!

I am so rerolling Human.
Or maybe Thick Human :eyes:

it crossed my mind as well xD

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Actually I just read it again…
They aren’t basicly touching Orc’s racial.
The new trinkets will just ADD onto the already existing effect.

So hardiness is 20% + The new trinkets = 35% reduction.

Or am I wrong?

they will not stack.
orc will have 20% stun reduction still but every other race will have 15% so the benefit isnt that great anymore.

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You sure?
I can’t find any info about that…
Maybe I’m blind…

Not sure if they call a Racial “A similar Effect”.
Especially since Hardiness: Duration of Stun effects reduced by an additional 20%. And this one “Duration of Crown control effects”
You never know with Blizzard…

Tbh I undead / mecagnome and played also nightborne and never find any crazy difference.

Sure I lost some games vs rmx when I said ‘’ dammit if I was orc I could maybe have survived ‘’ but in general I don’t think it’s that big of a deal except maybe panda for sp.

Meca gnome is really good especially if you can pre bm or wall as the cheat death saved me a lot of time.

the racial effect that stuns get reduced by 20% is a similar effect that should not stack with the trinket set bonus.

it would be omega troll to have 35% stun reduc. so im pretty sure it wont stack yes.

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Vs any rogue mirror in 2s I think human/orc has a significant advantage, especially when outlaw is viable. They can ks sap as well as blind sap for example and their goes are just better. Whilst ud can break one go but then be a target for 30s.
Not an autoloss but its noticeable imo. Same into rmx. Youre out of the cc much earlier

Ye I only find it noticeable into rmx or maybe jungle but in any other comp it’s whatever I’d say.

Rogue 2s as well.