Orcs - Mag'har orcs lore options still lacking in the game design

There are still very poor character customization options for some Allied races and notably Mag’har orcs, all the more compared to regular Orcs that share the model (quite easy to implement so).

Moreover, it’s a shame some Heritage stuff is not usable for one or the other - I won’t argue about the transmog sets themselves as they are a gamedesign feature but the nice Clan Banner toy should be usable on Mag’har orcs as well once unlocked.

Indeed the Mag’har orcs can come from Outland too - mainly, even! - and these ones do share the same Kosh’harg story and long-lost clan membership story like green Orcs.

Outland Mag’har Frostwolves (like Mother Kashur), Bleeding-Hollow (Jorin himself!), Dragonmaw (almost all azerothian part of the clan), Blackrock and Shattered hand orc’s players should be able to chose their clan at Envoy Korg as well and display the banner toy like green orcs’ players.

It’s a bit sad there were no banner (yet?) for the Thunderlords, Laughing Skull, Shadowmoon, and I understand they won’t have plan for minor clans like Bonechewer, Whiteclaw, Lightning blade, Black Tooth Grin and so on, and Burning Blade can work with the already existing toys, but really a Mag’har ability to use the Clan Banner toy would be neat.

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