Orgrimmar is under foreign occupation


Am I the only one who is feeling this way?
Firstly, I need to say, that I have nothing against the forsaken per se and I didn’t mind them joining the horde.
What pisses me off, is that events of BFA (Sylvanas being warchief + loss of the Undercity) have turned my orcish capital of Orgrimmar (yeah, it has Tauren and troll vibes, but it is an orcish capital above all) into some zombie citadel.
I am annoyed at the dark rangers on the walls instead of orcish (or dark spear) guards.
I am annoyed at the forsaken pudge, guarding the warchief’s throne room instead of kor’kron elite.
I am annoyed at the fact that Orgrimmar’s throne room has more elves than orcs.
This “multiculturalism” is really bad. Each race should have a proper capital to serve its fantasy and authentity. And with BFA the forsaken lost the undercity (which was awesome and really matched the forsaken aesthetics) and orcs kinda lost Orgrimmar. It doesn’t feel orcish anymore. It doesn’t even feel horde.


Yeh, it’s a mess of a city. I hope it’s wiped out. Maybe we can get Jaina to work on it. There’s nothing like a good tsunami to erase an ugly city from the world map.


Can we wipe out Boralus first? It’s like a budget knockoff Stormwind, the real cradle of humanity.


You got the two cities mixed up. Or you need glasses.


Aren’t you people useless to us now without your fleet? Be grateful we tolerate you.


Infact i disagree. It is a deep strength of the faction to focus not just on the single head race who’s theme gets slapped over everyone else. We have humans and alliance for that.


So… what is the orc capital city? Giving Orgrimmar to the Forsaken when there is a Forsaken Warchief… kind of sounds like slapping the momentary head race’s theme over everyone else…


Orgrimmar os the overall faction major capital city. And that is a good thing. It has themes for Orcs, Trolls and Tauren alike. Can’t have big cities staying mono-raced all the time. The Forsaken thing is just temporary until the expansion is over since there is no way Blizzard keeps Sylvanas in charge.


…the “Forsaken thing” was what the thread was about, though…

Disagree. No, they don’t have to be mono-raced, but they can and, if you ask me, should be heavily, heavily dominated by one race.

Oh, and you dodged my question. What’s the orc capital?


points towards Stormwind Thats what happens to your faction resolves around the same people over and over again. They become bland and stale.

They don’t have one. Orgrimmar is the capital of the new Horde. Durotar is the nation of the Orcs. That train has crossed destination ever since the first revamp/rebuild. MoP ending just fortified it. Everyone has a presence in Orgrimmar now(Almost).




I know you “human potential” people wouldn’t understand that :wink:


How about switching the city when you switch the leading race? It would be quite stupid to dwarfify Stormwind, if a dwarvish High King was elected instead of just using Ironforge as the command center. And that’s the kind of stupidity that is happening with the Horde.

And you don’t see why that would annoy people? Because… no orc capital means less orc domination? You’re a strange one.

I quite enjoy Stormwind staying a human city, although it is filled with Alliance members. What I don’t enjoy is humans continuing to lead the Alliance.


We both know this ain’t gonna happen.

Like blizzard would stop focusing only on the 2 biggest hubs.

Yes I understand. But the alternative is the orc version of human potential.

This status quo is here to be permanent.


Orgrimmar needs a total overhaul to be honest, but if anything I think it should represent the new place of the Orcs in Horde society and bring MORE cultures into the city rather than this whole weird regression thing people seem to want. The Horde has moved on from Orcs, Tauren and Trolls being the main races. Now the Horde needs the Forsakens cold calculations and alchemy, the Goblins ability to make any economy thrive and build machines of war, and the magical powers of the elves to ward their cities from incoming threats from the Alliance and otherwise.

This whole huts and tents aesthetic really doesn’t work anymore, it’s as if the Horde keeps having leaders all about the Hordes progress like Sylvanas and Garrosh to meet the Alliance getting something new but then Blizzard get cold feet and Warchiefs like Vol’jin are lodged in to bring the Horde back to being all about spikes and loincloths. Let’s not make the Warchief fit Orgrimmar, let’s make Orgrimmar fit the Warchief.


I totally agree. This mudhut and loincloths for everyone is BS in modern retail. Times change. garrosh voice


Which is the problem. This could easily and wiithout costs to Blizzard be changed. So it should. That it won’t has nothing to do with it.

…that’s really the only alternative you can think of? Really? Sorry, I just don’t believe that of you.


It is with current story direction of blizzard. We barley dodged that bullet after we axed Garrosh for good. This orc stuff was getting on my nerves.


And we are arguing about disliking the current direction. No one is arguing for orcifying everything. But people are arguing for keeping the cultures distinct instead of mixing them up. That’s what you are arguing against and as far as I can tell your only argument is… that you don’t trust Blizzard to do better than that. Well, I don’t either, but I’m just talking about what should happen, so I don’t have to care.


They have shown us multiple times that they really can’t do better than that. So the mistrust is totally justified.