Out of curiosity - how to win?

I am by no means trying to say im a great player or anything but Im honestly so confused atm and almost feel like i “just stepped into the arena”

Augumentation evokers paired with dk or feral is… unstoppable? The dps they can dish out (if we are stupid enough to stack) is just unparalleled with anything ive experienced so far.

The games were played at 2k mmr but jesus christ mama mia, we got stomped both times like we were fighting r1s(which they probably werent)

We got closer to winning against the dk team but the other one just ripped all of our cds sooo fast.

Any good tips I can bring into next matchup? We play rsham/ret/war; whats our counterplay?

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its very hard to win against this comp, nearly close to be impossible if they have a little bit iq

the only thing what u can do is hard focus aug evoker, and cc his dps as much as possible

I faced Avines (multi R1 x15 glad) on his warrior at 2k
Seen multiple Season2 glads at 2k mmr
Games stuffed


Yeah. Try killing the annoying Feral that is probably Cyclone spamming you guys. 2 melees can decently make a Feral sit bear form forever. Same kind of applies to DK, not the greatest into melee cleaves

Other than that, probably provide your team with good Static Field totem and Lightning Lasso usage to land the kill. Most Resto shamans try to play like Resto druids and sit back and PvE heal, but that is not how to win with the spec. The aggresive utility is way too good.

I would say tell your melees to not waste too much time on chasing the Dragon, especially on big maps, unless you can support that with Lasso, Roots, Static fields and some decently coordinated Storm Bolts / Hoj / Hex across the enemy targets.

Remember, Augmentation + Melee is a counter to double melee, but it doesn’t mean it’s unwinnable. Just use the cross CC + hit closest target strategy and you should be fine. If you play too defensive you will lose, don’t greed CDs. It’s already hard for you to get Earthen Wall value if your melees chase the dragon, but would be a lot better if they hit the other guy instead.

I’m not saying you CAN’T go the Dragon. You can, but you need to use your lockdown spells well. Otherwise just hit the other guy.

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  1. Invite gigachad warr
  2. Watch him zugg
  3. ??? Profit
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I met Swapxy today on his ret at 2.2mmr shuffle

Bet that was fun

he still has few alts from among the 30 same classes that he will climb from 1.6 ranges to 2.7 where the highest are

it takes some time to get 100 characters of same classes 2.7, give the man little time :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

absolute stupid game and rating system btw


Yea hes literally very good and its fun faceing these kind of players

Yea he plays very clean tbh thats what makes him special i guess

ye he is good he wouldnt be in awc otherwise, i just dont think its really good have system where example player like this pushes 100 his characters through rivals and whatnot and demotivate everyone even further during bad season, either make all % based again or react faster with inflation when ladders die, easyest solution is % based rewards

i know for fact why they push 20 same classes to 2.1-2.4 ranges aswell and i dont like the reason for it either

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You mean bring back the old titel system?

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that would make the most sense

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But would u do it for rss and arena ?

Challenger 35%
Rival idk what rival was tbh
Duelist 3%
Elite idk 1%?
Gladiator 0.5%
And r1 0.1

Or would you mix it w the New titles?

for every bracket that has rating and remove the set number goals that make no sense with this much change between seasons, only that would be logical would be make the achievements % based

if its rly inflated season its not really x and if its really deflated season its not really x, so only system that would stay consistent indicator of something would be % based imo

Idk if u remember but in wod we also had extra tirles for rbg idk why thes removed them was areally good thing to seperate both brackets thsy could bring them back aswell

solo rbg should never give achievements like duelist/elite/gladiator, those are arena specific ranks

rbg should be as the high warlord and such, i dont know what they are changing but if solo rbg gives arena ranks then its the stupidest idea

they are two different type gameplay and should have different rewards, the other would also die if they combine the rewards to same

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