Outlaw aweful mastery?


Since AA’s got buffed in bfa, is the mastery of outlaw still aweful?
i can think of a few that would fit them better. for example, the mastery increases roll the bones effectiveness. or a chance to roll an additional time while keeping previous buff and adding a new one.


Its definetly not the stat too focus on but if you got a piece with some mastery on it that’s fine. Personally they could buff the damage gained from it or just do a whole rework of the stat.

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I’d say it’s the one stat you don’t want on anything. Even having it on the HoA is kinda bleh. Outlaw should be investing heavily into crit, with a balance between haste and vers. No mastery, what you have baseline is more than enough.

Edit: staying on topic, tying it to something related to roll the bones is probably a good idea; perhaps enhancing the power of the buffs by a little bit? It’d need to be balanced really well to avoid it out-performing every other stat, but even a small contribution would still be more than it can provide at the moment.

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Its not the worst stat by a mile anymore, got buffed in 8.2. Yeah it’s stiol the lowest, but nothing to harcore leave off ya gear. Get a lovely 445 piece with mastery to swap out for a 430 without. Its still more then likely an upgrade.

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