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I want to ask, what are best weapon enchants in terms of dps?
Is it that hard to say? In wowhead guide its gale-force/ deadly. On icy-veins it is deadly/quick.
In warcraftlogs its gale/deadly/quick/versatile.

Are there no “2 best” enchants? I dont get, why is Gale-Force so often used.
Theoreticaly, crit/vers + haste are most important. Shouldnt then deadly/vers + quick be the best options?

I know stat priority changes with gear, but i still dont get, why should i pick gale-force striking, i get it by arms warrior, where faster weapon speed = faster rage generation
But what is reason to use it as outlaw rogue?

What are you guys using? Is it different for M+ / Raiding?

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Sim yourself, simulationcraft addon+raidbots.com for best enchants.
Galeforce seems to be really good at current gear levels yeah.
For your best enchants sim yourself. Thats why ppl all using different enchants, depends what gear they have.

Sim for dungeon slice/patchwerk for dungeons/raid.

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