Outlaw feels weak during leveling ?


I’m new to rogue :slight_smile: , this is my very first rogue currently leveling, and right now im level 104

I dont know if im playing the class wrong even tho i doubt that, but its possible, but during leveling Outlaw feels weak to me, mobs seems to destroy me when i try to pull 3 and aoe them down, most of the time i feel like im forced to kill 1 mob at a time otherwise i get destroyed easily

and I also seem to run out of energy quickly

im just wondering is outlaw always like this during leveling ?

and is it going to get better when reaching level 120 with all the azerite traits and all


Not just you, no matter what spec i play for leveling, as a Rogue i feel weak when fighting more then 2 mobs. With Assassination is a bit easier, so i am gonna level as sin to 120. Usually where there are two mobs together i just Sap one and fight another one. When there are three or four mobs attacking me i am forced to use my CDs to survive the fight. If everything goes wrong i still have my Vanish :slight_smile:
Anyway if you really want to aoe mobs go as Assassination, pick up that Talent (i think it’s Subterfuge) which gives you 80% dmg on Garrote when used from stealth + azerite power which gives 3 cp when Garotte is used from stealth. Garotte all three mobs from stealth (you have 3 second to do so) Rupture them, focus one by one and they will easily go down. If they attack you when you are out of stealth use all your offensive and defensive CDs. You can easily kite them if necessary.
Sure, a Paladin, Warrior and DK can do it with much less effort.

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Yeah, I found it a little nasty to level as well. Energy starvation was a huge problem, and you don’t get an AoE until level 48.
But if you stick with it, Outlaw is a lot of fun end game, and all the problems you had while levelling will go away. It’s just a shame it takes that long…

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Yes, just don’t give up. Once you get to 120 and some gear it will be a lot better.

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When you hit level 120, you’ll feel extremely weak at the beginning due to mob scaling. But once you get your ilvl up to 400+, open world mobs will be completely harmless.

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thanks a lot guys for your feedback, than ill probably keep leveling and hopefully reach 120 soon

thank you

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Hang in there, buddy. It gets better. I felt the same on my rogue and i did give up and played hunter instead BUT i came back to the outlaw rogue and together with my sexy rapiers i take on every mob with ease.

Rogue is just a weak class during the leveling stages, especially at lower levels. Ideally when you get dancing steel you’re basically at the half way point of being a aoe monster in content.

Rogue is always energy starved especially when leveling, swap deeper strategem to compensate for the lack of stats since you’re still leveling/gearing. For outlaw your saving grace/crutch while pulling big packs is rolling for grand master’s melee before pulling big so you get the 25% leech

azerite traits are a pseudo fix since the class will always feel somewhat clunky due to it being very RNG dependent

400+ is not true my rogues item level is about 380 or 390 and i can still handle myself well if im smart about it.

Outlaw is currently my favorate spec though and rogue my favorate class, it feels like the one class that is fun to play.

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