Outlaw Mythic+ Guide 8.1.5

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I’m a regular content creator for rogues on youtube with experience raiding in the top 100 for the last 3 years and as a rogue for 13 years. I created some notes to make my video guides for this patch and thought it would be a good idea to share them as a written guide to help other players that don’t have the time to research on their own.

Stat Priority

Crit > Vers > Agility > Mastery > Haste

Simulate your character as the stats or so close in terms of DPS gain apart from mastery


Rings : Crit

Gems : Crit

Main Hand : Crit probably

Offhand : Vers probably

Damage Buffs

Flask: Flask of Currents

Potion: battle potion of Agility

Food: Bountiful Captain’s Feast

Rune: Battle Scarred

Trinket priority

Golden Plumage - Kingsrest

Deadeye Spyglass - Siege of Boralus

Loaded Dice- Freehold

Azerite traits Priority (Outer Ring)

3x Deadshot

1x keep your wits about you
1x Brigands Blitz
1x Treacherous Convant

Aces Up your sleeve can be a decent filler till you get perfect azerite set up

Azerite Priority (Inner Ring)

Overwhelming Power - Due to low Haste levels

Heed my call - decent AoE

Gutripper - on higher keys is good


Level 15: Quick Draw
Level 30: Acrobatic Strikes
Level 45: Vigor
Level 60: cheat death
Level 75: Prey on the Weak
Level 90: Alacrity
Level 100: Dancing Steel

General Playstyle

  • Maintain Roll the bones 100% uptime
  • Use pistol Shot when you get a proc to fill combo points
  • Use 5 point finishers on between the eyes
  • Use 5 point finishers on Dispatch
  • Use 4-5 point finishers on roll the bones

5 combo point damage finishers like between the Eyes and Dispatch are vital for AoE. Make sure you always use 5 combo point finishers. To fill your last combo point you want to use Pistol shot (only when it procs). If pistol shot is not glowing because you do not have a proc or you have max stacks of keep your wits about you from your azerite armour its a DPS gain to actually overcap with Saberslash. Make sure you use 5 combo point damage finishers

Roll the Bones

Rerolling Roll The Bones Logic - Always keep rolling your buffs with 4-5 or Combo points until you gain Singular buffs of ruthless precision, grand melee, Broadsides or you roll in any 2 buffs.

Should I reroll?

This is a question that only you can answer, I on the other hand am going to try to teach you the ways of thinking that you can adapt to you own gameplay. Here is some Questions to ask yourself

Will the adds die in the next 10 seconds? - If this is the case its most often better to dispatch another time and then gain max combo points to travel to the next pack. This is important to keep up the buff from alactrity and rerolling just before a pull means you can get into using damage dealing finishers faster.

Are these buffs worth spending blade flurry on? - A common mistake I see is people using blade flurry before they have good buffs then spending combo points on rerolling buffs rather than cleaving your damage dealing finishers. If your not going to gain value from blade flurry with your current buffs reroll them as the targets are grouping up.

Blade Flurry

Blade flurry usage in mythic+ is really vital to get right, there is alot of criteria you need to think about when using blade flurry. Majority of the players believe its nothing more than press the cooldown and continue your rotation. Optimizing your blade flurry pacing and usage can give you really big gains in dps.

Do you have the right buffs?

Get the right buffs before blade flurry is activated as you want to be spending all combo points on hard hitting finishers that cleave all other mobs. Rerolling deals no damage for that 5 combo points spent, especially if you have to reroll 2 or 3 times. Its a good Idea to start rerolling before Reaping spawns to ensure you have the right buffs.

Am i in position?

Blade flurry cleaves 360 degrees of your character, this means you need to be dead center of all the mobs to cleave them all if they are spread. Unless you get a mass grip there will be scragglers that can be dps’d with good positioning. Another note, Don’t use blade flurry until the majority of the reaping is grouped up unless you have 2 charges that will last full duration.

Max potential usage

Blade flurry isn’t 100% uptime anymore, this creates the logic of thinking when will you get good usage from this. If you know your going to making a double or triple pack pull, its probably a good idea to start thinking about saving 2 charges and cooldowns for that. We always want to have a blade flurry charge recharging. This is simply to ensure that we are not overcapping and losing full usages on trash. Try to always get 1-2 Between the eyes inside one charge of blade flurry and as many pistol shot procs as possible

Tricks of the trade

Make sure that when ever you are blade flurring to get tricks of the trade on your tank. This is not optional. Just do it!

Between the eyes

This ability must have a special mention as its our bread and butter of the outlaw spec. There is many things you need to consider with this ability. Using this ability on sanguine can be a bad idea without the right thought process. Stunning a target inside the red healing juice is a bad idea but can be used on the add at the back to seperate him from the kited mobs just before it dies. It can be used as an interupt, try to use your between the eyes as an interupt and then kick after to prolong the casters downtime. Between the eyes is a stun, this applies prey on the weak that gives your target 10% increased damage from everyone. The importance of being on the same target as everyone else is really important. Kill the skull!


  1. Potion

  2. Sinister Strike

  3. Sinister Strike

  4. Roll the Bones

  5. Blade Flurry

  6. Adrenaline Rush

  7. Saberslash to 5 combo points

  8. Between the eyes

  9. Saberslash to 4-5 combo points

  10. Roll the bones if you dont have 2 buffs or Grand melee or Ruthless precision or Broadsides

  11. Build combo points

  12. Dispatch

  13. Pistol shot whenever it procs to fill combo points

Reaping Tips

  • Save Blade flurry

  • Save adrenaline Rush

  • Try to obtain right buffs before reaping starts

  • Allow majority of the mobs to group up before Blade flurry

  • While adds are grouping use that time to reroll buffs if needed

  • Only spend energy to stop yourself overcapping till they are grouped

  • Dump energy when its go time!

  • Use tricks of the trade after blade flurry

  • Riposte and cloak of shadows will allow you to get into the middle of all the adds for max cleave and damage

Thanks for taking the time to read this guide :slight_smile:

You can check out the Video guide that goes with this written guide on our youtube channel at Youtube/infexiousgaming

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Nice guide


(Hinamori) #3

Hmm well idk
First off your stat prio seems off putting mastery third. As far as i know its the worst stat for outlaws.

And for opener, why not use ambush from stealth?
Oh and saber slash? :stuck_out_tongue: you using sinister strike and then change it to saber slash in rotation. I assume thats an old spell for outlaw instead of sinister strike lol
I would just say for general gameplay i trust ravenholdt guide
Sure this is about m+…

About roll the bones on st, like tyrannical boss fights, are you really keeping grand melee and broadsides? Cause in raid you would only keep ruthless precision or any 2+ buffs with any deadshot or ace traits.

Just curious of the thought process. I know for aoe you dont really wanna reroll except skull and crossbones.

And again, reading this guide back this was a bit of a fast write and send, not very detailed. Rotation doesnt mention when would you reroll instead of using dispatch or when would you finish at 4 or 5 points(4 would be with an opportunity up or having broadsides here)

I think overall its a nice try and there might be some useful information for keys here ppl didnt know about but for a proper guide i would still go to ravenholdt’s website.

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As for gear or trinkets atleast and probably some more, this is literally near enough the same as the MDI players were using, definitly an easier reference than going to alternative websites and knit picking through an essay :slight_smile:

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