Outlaw or Assasination rogue to start mythic?


Hey guys, I’m trialing for a new guild and I was wondering whether to be assassination or outlaw for mythic BoD. What would you guys reccomend as I have run through heroic many times on my druid but limited amount of times on rogue?


No idea but ive read sin can be good.


I think the bleed builds for sin are good for mobs… maybe check raider io. Im not at level yet but i might go outlaw.

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Outlaw is easier to play, assassination was played at the MDI but outlaw was definitely more represented. + its a no brainer since your AOE for outlaw is just a toggle and continue rotation as normal.

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I like Outlaw

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either spec should be fine. assa is generally preferable. it does high boss damage which is something basically every raid wants on basically every fight. outlaw’s aoe niche being useful is more situational both in terms of fight and raid comp. it also continues to do damage when outside of melee range with dots which is good because progress is generally messy and you may miss out on uptime. finally, it’s pretty easy to play and slow-paced which is useful on progress because you can focus more on mechanics. assa is basically hand-crafted for mythic progress atm.

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