Overcrowded Realm Update – August 21

Since our last update, we have continued to see the community create new characters in preparation for the launch of WoW® Classic next week. During this process, we have seen a regular trend where characters keep being made on Full realms. Each of the Full realms has a LOT of characters to the extent that it may be more than can fit into the queue system. As a result, you may not be able to get into the queue when you want to play and even if you do, it will likely be a very long wait. For a better play experience, we highly recommend that players avoid creating characters on any realm marked as Full.

Additionally, at this time, based on their expected population and queues, we strongly advise people to move off the following realms:

  • Shazzrah – PvP
  • Golemagg – PvP

If you are currently planning to play on one of these realms, you should expect extremely long queue times that take several hours to get through. In order to have a better play experience, we urge players on these realms to consider moving to the Firemaw realm.

All of the existing realms have a healthy population. Even a Full realm in 2006 would be Low by our current metrics. Any realm that is listed above Medium should expect queues at launch, with increasing severity from High to Full.


If you could garuntee that me and my friend could get our names on a different realm we might think about moving. But you can’t so we won’t.

All these players having to wait for hours in a queue is down to blizzard, there should have been more PvP realms from the start.

They do realise we are/will be paying customers don’t they?


Please do not tell us that this came as a surprise to you, or I will actually start losing faith in you knowing what you are doing.
You created this issue (and I had hoped you had calculated for it) by releasing servers one-by-one. To explain (some of) the motivations behind the behaviour in case it was a surprise for you:

  1. some people went through a lot of effort to reserve names
  2. the expected hard-core players (promising long-term stability) are on the first full realms
  3. we do not see actual numbers AND do not see how many other people are creating chars on which realm, meaning we only (due to one-by-one servers) have the option of full or “empty” servers. No one wants to play alone, so of course we go for full.

You obviously can’t change how you started this off, but you can communicate well and let us know what your plans are going forwards, even if they are tentative.
As some suggestions, will the number of realms be updated after launch to fit the then current number of players?
Will there be free instantaneous realm transfers available to the new realms after launch (this has to be right after launch so that communities don’t have time to establish first)?
Will there be realms with shared name-lists to enable easy transfers?
Will you lock realms during or after launch?
Change the display of server populations: for full servers display, e.g. as multicolour bar-graph/scale, how far the population roughly is above what you believe would be acceptable. For new servers instead display how many new characters are being created per time. And if current “low” is fuller than classic “full” we are receiving useless information, because then “low” spans from empty to healthy, but we won’t go for low because in classic it meant “empty”.
Do you intend to wait this out (“long queues are the players’ fault, we warned them”)?


People will keep complaining, they will always find something to complain about,


Are you complaining about people complaining?

This is a service that we are paying for, and it is inadequate, we have every right to complain. You’re just whining for the sake of it.


“Or do you intend to wait this out (long queues are the players’ fault, we warned them)?”

This is exactly what they will do.
They are “communicating” with us, warning us that they are going to be full/queues etc, even though this is solely on them for releasing so few servers to choose from on day 1 name reserve.
But because they “warned” us, it will totally be our fault right?

We are getting more chatter from them in the last few days, than the week of complete silence leading up to the name reserve where people were begging them to release more realms than they offered initially


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If servers above Medium will have queues you obviusly need more PvP servers, at least one more. 2 are full, 1 is high and 1 medium, even if the excess at Golemagg and Shazzrah were to spillover to Firemaw until it reached high it would end with probably 1 or 2 still full and 2 or 3 high, all with queues…

Remember there are still people waiting to enter the 26th of August.


It says queues at launch, we have no clue wheter they are gating the logins abit as to not crash the servers or just doing the logical thing and assuming release date will have the highest amount of people playing.

Calm down and let blizzard who has the data handle it.


This is a good solution, I’m not going to delete my name’s on one realm to get told I can’t have them on another. But that would be sensible, so I don’t see it happening.


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Ty for the update but I must say… yes, I also feel that it’s very strange that there was no “copy char” over to Firemaw as an option for those on Golemagg/Shazzrah.

I really tried to get my name on Firemaw, I was there 15 min before, experienced no login queue, clicked it fast, ctrl + v, hit enter char, but my name was taken in seconds.

So what can I do now but play on Shazzrah, since char names obviously matter, as we’re going through a paid reservation event for them right now.

And in Classic I won’t have 20 characters like in retail, only 1, maybe 2 at best.


I do not want to sit in queue for several hours. Please open more PvE servers so I can join a low / medium server.

Thank you, I will make my character on Nethergarde Keep.


Keeping people accountable for their mistakes is what improves things, being blindly grateful for whatever you get, does not.


Remember that there will be people who don’t care about name reservation and will renew their sub few days prior/the day of launch.


You need to learn from mistakes since vanilla, because you blizzard still cant handle it. Exempel lag server, queue etc…unbelievable!!!

So I beg you not tell us what to do, where and when, fix your stuff instead so you can handle it better. It is your problem, not ourselves!

I will be on Gehennas when I want, end of discussion!

Good luck!


Great. Golemagg queue warning signs have just came, and Blizzard realized that only Shazzrah people are going to the new servers, and now Golemagg is a poop show like Shazz… This will take days for people to make thoughtful decision whether to move or not but Classic will already have launched. Shame on Blizzard with the two servers initially…


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If Blizzard released 1 less PVP server we would pretty much have 1 server for the whole Europe… during the initial name reservation… Food for thought…

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